Magdalena Waz


The Webby Awards honor some of the internet’s finest websites in a dizzying array of categories. Nooklyn, whether you love it or you hate it as a scion of the borough’s ongoing gentrification, is a Bushwick-based company with a very user friendly website, and the real estate company was nominated for a Webby this year under the Real Estate category. 

Nooklyn’s website is an image-heavy gray and yellow concoction, which is a breath of fresh air in the world of staid real estate website design. A lot of that likely has to do with the artistic demographic they court (read: hipsters and the other words they are called). 

Moiz Malik, one of the websites designers says the neighborhood plays a big role in how the website looks: “We’ve built a lot of Nooklyn working in coffee shops in Brooklyn like Devocion, AP Cafe and Walters. So before releasing a new page or redesign, I ask people in coffee shops what they think about the feature, the website flow or even fonts/colors.”

The real estate website category is packed with some good contenders we’ve likely all used to scope out our next pad, unless you’re one of those odd ducklings who swears by the reliability and ease of Craigslist. Street Easy, another nominee in the field, has been going hard on the subway ads as of late and does offer a saved search feature that funnels apartment recommendations to your inbox whenever something becomes available. 

The Webbys have been around since 1996, but bad web design still rears its ugly head nearly every day. Here’s hoping that the next years bring with them fewer pop ups, out of control ads, and auto play videos as we learn more and more about what works and what doesn’t as far as web design goes. 

Voting ends on April 20, so show your love for local business by casting your ballot today! Nearly half a million people have already done it.