Bushwick’s lonely hearts and connoisseurs of the male form will be delighted to hear that the third annual Babes of Bushwick calendar is about to be hot (very hot) off the presses: copies of the 12-month calendar should be printed by Friday, when Babes of Bushwick creator Michelle Ma and friends toast the 2017 edition with a launch party at Heavy Woods.

The calendar, which made its debut right before 2014 with 7 portraits of some very boneable local dudes, aims to playfully invert the conventional sexy calendar’s gender dynamics, and has a very enthusiastic following in the neighborhood.

Many of the featured babes work in and around Bushwick in addition to living here: you may find your favorite handsome barista or bartender among the hotties within.

“I’m so glad that people are into [Babes of Bushwick]!”, Ma tells Bushwick Daily. Pick up or reserve your copy of the calendar at the launch party on Friday night (you can RSVP here)—and follow the Babes of Bushwick on Facebook for forthcoming info about where you can order one online.

Here’s one more reason to look forward to the end of this year! Happy holidays, Bushwick!

All images courtesy of Michelle Ma.