This gift guide has been curated from among the offerings of Bushwick, East Williamsburg and Ridgewood small businesses. It has been sponsored by each respective vendor.

For a plant lover

Cromo planters from Tula

Photo: Tula

When hunting for Holiday gifts this year, make sure you head to Tula on Bogart Street. This beautifully curated interior plant service has plenty to offer including cromo planters, which were hand-made in collaboration with potter, Jordan Colon. They vary in sizes and styles, but are sure to charm everyone from your mom to your nature-loving roomie.

Where to buy: Tula, 174 Bogart St., #304, East Williamsburg, or online

Price: $55-$165

Sweaty palm pin from Tula

Photo: Tula

When at Tula, may we suggest you check out this strange sweaty palm pin? It was designed by Tula in collaboration with the Pin Lord. Its size is approximately 1 by 1 inch, and it makes for a lovely gift to any palm lover. …Maybe just don’t give it to your boss with a sweaty hands problem.

Where to buy: Tula, 174 Bogart St., #304, East Williamsburg, or online

Price: $10

For a beer connoisseur

Brooklyn Gift Basket from Hops & Hocks

Photo: Hops & Hocks

Gift hunters, take note. Hops & Hocks on Morgan Avenue, is your place to be to shop for a piece (and taste) of Brooklyn. Your hometown friends and family will definitely appreciate this awesome Brooklyn basket (and be jealous that you get to eat like this every day). Hops & Hocks have curated a selection of locally made condiments, chocolate, taffy, jerky, cider, beer, and other cool stuff from the borough. This is an instant hit!

Where to buy: Hops & Hocks, 2 Morgan Ave., East Williamsburg

Price: varies

 Growler keg from Hops & Hocks

Photo: Hops & Hocks

Your beer-loving friend will be ecstatic to find this awesome growler keg from Growlerwerks under his or her tree. This smart thing combines the freshness of a keg with the convenience of a growler. Pour carbonated beer straight from the tap, right out of your fridge!

Where to buy: Hops & Hocks, 2 Morgan Ave., East Williamsburg

Price: $139

Duchesse de Bourgogne from Hops & Hocks

Photo: Hops & Hocks

If you can’t exactly afford the Growlerwerks growler, go for Duchesse de Bourgogne. Duchesse is not a beer, it is art in a glass—a Belgian sour beer with a depth of flavor that can only come from careful maturation in oak casks over 18 months.

Where to buy: Hops & Hocks, 2 Morgan Ave., East Williamsburg

Price: $17

For your drag queen bestie

Subversive Cross Stitch Coasters from House of La Rue

Photo: House of La Rue

If you need a gift that is extraordinary, snappy, fun and inexpensive, head to House of La Rue, a boutique that sells “pansexual” clothing and merchandise, with the distinction of being categorized by size, not gender. There you can start your holiday shopping with an assortment of subversive cross stitch coasters to make every wine sip extra pithy.

Where to buy: House of La Rue, 104 Thames Street at The Loom

Price: $6 each

 Sparkly items from House of La Rue

Photo: House of La Rue

Not only fish are attracted to sparkly objects! Any glamorous Bushwick resident will literally flight under that Xmas tree for a set of sparkly objects from House of La Rue! Get your drag queen bestie a sparkly baseball hat with matching necklace.

Where to buy: House of La Rue, 104 Thames Street at The Loom

Price: $6-$45

For an antiques junkie

 Decorative mirror from Reuse America

Photo: Reuse America

Seriously, head to Reuse America, a massive warehouse full of vintage furniture and accessories, to discover many hidden gems, including this perfection of a decorated mirror for every expressive personality in your life.

Where to buy: 387 Bushwick Ave., Bushwick

Price: varies

For a wine aficionado

 Monthly wine Club subscription from Henry’s

Photo: Henry’s

Give a gift that keeps giving. Henry’s wine shop has a great wine club subscription going on. Every month your loved one will receive a selection of wines from small producers, often producing wines naturally while expressing a sense of place. The wines often vary in style and price and as a result your giftee won’t get a fixed amount of bottles, but they will always be priced below retail.

Where to buy: Henry’s, 69 Central Ave., Bushwick or online

Price: $75 + tax/month


Photo: Enlightenment Wines

Bubbly is a great idea for an inexpensive Holiday gift that is sure to please, given the New Year’s Eve and all. Local winemakers, Enlightenment Wines, will surely get your wine aficionado excited about the quality they offer. Their limited edition mead is bone-dry sparkling made with apples, cranberries, tart cherry-whole rose hips and sumac flowers. All ingredients are from NY State and unfiltered or sulfited. Bottle conditioned in the pét-nat style and perfect for celebrating the New Year.

Where to buy: Honey’s, 93 Scott Ave., East Williamsburg or online

Price: $35

For a quality garment obsessee

A set of iconic white t-shirts from Left field NYC

Photo: Leftfield NYC

Do you have a man in your life who is very particular about the quality of his garments? The Ridgewood’s Left Field is your way to go. Get him a pack of two classy, beefy white Left Field tee shirts that are made right here in America from quality ringspun cotton. They are tubular knit for a perfect fit with no side seams just like they were back in the ’50s.

Where to buy: 657 Woodward Ave., Ridgewood, phone: 718-366-7308 or online

Price: $75 for two

For your hipster cousin or BFF

 Gift bag from Friends NYC

Photo: Friends NYC

Your hipster cousin will jump around the Xmas tree if you gift him or her this awesome gift bag from Friends NYC. It contains a clay face mug by Jen Dwyer, No Bras No Masters patch by Got A Girl Crush, Teenage Attitude enamel pin by Mary Dauterman, and sage bundle.

Where to buy: Friends NYC, 56 Bogart St, Ground Fl., East Williamsburg

Price: Mug $42.99, Patch $10.99, Pin $12.99, Sage $3.99

For a photographer

CSI Rentals Gift Certificate

Image: CSI Rentals

Let’s be honest here, we all have at least one photographer in our lives who has been snapping our glam social media photos. Give him or her the most appropriate gift in the professional photo and video industry — a CSI Rentals Gift Certificate – for the amount of your choice – towards rental of any professional camera, lighting, grip and production equipment! Choose Any Amount And CSI Sponsors 10 percent-just enter promo code GS10.

Where to buy: 1138 Flushing Ave., Bushwick or online

Price: any amount

For your personal French kisser

 French classes at Coucou

Photo: Coucou

Give the gift of French this holiday season with a Coucou gift card! Good for group and private classes at either our Williamsburg or Soho locations, it is sure to please the Francophile in your life.

Where to buy: 38 Marcy Ave., Williamsburg, or contact Coucou by email at [email protected] or by phone at 347-529-6168 to discuss pricing and to place your order.

Price: $60-$420 (prices vary depending on class type and duration)

For your tired friend who desperately needs primping

 Primping session at Local Honey

Photo: Local Honey

Whether you’re primping for your next holiday party or gifting some glam to someone else, Local Honey has just the products and services you need to luxuriate in the season. Pamper yourself or someone else with their classic mani/pedi, a massage (great for guys, too!) and custom products for a very merry Christmas. Gift cards are also available.

Where to buy: Local Honey, 53 Irving Ave., Bushwick

Price: varies

For your always hungry roommate

 Discount card from Barcey’s

Photo: Barcey’s

Barcey’s, a coffee shop and eatery at St. Nicholas, has a really cool deal going on. Buy your hungry roommate a gift card for $25 that gives him or her $30 to spend on many delicious Barcey’s treats!

Where to buy: Barcey’s, 140 St. Nicholas Ave., Bushwick or online

Price: $25