Trips to the flea market can usually be a hit or miss: you may or may not leave with a good find. At this flea market however, I doubt that would’ve been the case! One attendee called it the ”Grand Master Meme Flea Market.”

Internet Yami-Ichi is the Internet’s favorite flea market, and celebrates quality ‘Memery,’ really creative services and items, as well as all things World Wide Web related!

Back in NYC for a second year, the IRL Internet-ty black market took place once again at the Knockdown Center, in Maspeth, Queens. There was plethora of goodies and activities in abundance—something for everybody!

#FREEBOTS promotes adopting these adorable little bots from a life of internet abuse! How can one say no?! (, $10 a bot)

Westies&Co Jewelry is 3D printed. Looking for something timeless, or maybe even a custom piece stemming from your brainchild? (Fahmina Ahmed, CTO of W&Co showcasing the products)

Imagine having a Phone that has no data plan, no screen and no wifi? Imagine just carrying around a NoPhone? Yes, it exists. Yes, it was featured in the Wall Street Journal (and 12k have been sold worldwide)!

‘Weiner Coat Hangers,’ among some other ridiculous stuff inspired by the male species (including pillows featuring some truly cringeworthy straight white boys texting material).

These ‘Flirting Goblets’ by artist collective He+Hu have kinetic bases that facilitate social interaction: as you move closer to someone, the feather starts to ‘flirt’ (wave). Definitely an awesome way to break the ice at a gathering! ( $30,

‘PUNG,’ which means balls (yes, the genitals) in Swedish, is definitely a fitting name for these pouches. The artist utilized a collection of screenshots from commentary from Men’ Rights Activists forums. Needless to say, this is really ballsy— and was a big hit!

Yami-Ichi favorite WXYZ Jewelry hailing from Bushwick was surely an eye catcher. Vibrant, geometrical statement pieces pulled passerby in.

Emily Ree of ‘Anarchy Dreamers’ ( had a pretty neat table. Filled with comics she made herself, people were definitely pulled in by the visuals. ($3-$30)

All in all, it was another great year at the New York City Internet Yami-Ichi!