An award-winning documentary filmmaker who seeks to immortalize Bushwick’s extraordinary storefront school, Still Waters In A Storm, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to make the film happen.

Peter Gordon, a former BBC editor who became fascinated with the little school founded by educator Stephen Haff, has spent more than 100 hours filming Haff and his students, who meet four days a week after school to read classic literature and study Latin.

But to edit his footage into a cohesive film that does justice to the school, Gordon and his producer and his team, producer Ann Lalic and editor William Ennals, need about $35,000.

“This film asks the question: ‘What do we want from our schools and children, from teachers? What is education for?’ For Stephen it is straightforward: ‘This is the vision right here, the village is raising the child,'” the team explains.

Check out their video below—and explore the rest of the campaign here!

Featured image: Courtesy of “Still Waters.”