A DIY Noisefest Called Day Terror Dirt Bath Will Take Over Silent Barn For a Day in October

An aggressively experimental single day music festival is coming to Bushwick’s Silent Barn: On Saturday, October 8th, acts from the neighborhood’s thriving DIY, punk, noise and queercore scenes will assemble at the Barn for a day of loud-ass sets and technique-focused workshops and skill shares called Day Terror Dirt Bath.

The festival, which starts at 2 p.m. and is scheduled to run until 1 a.m., is co-organized by Melo Davis and Anika Trujillo and will include performances by queercore unit Sprocket Rockets, Philly-based “experimental noise grind dance” band Sour Spirit, the solo act of digipoet Yatta Zoker, the “Bass-heavy, nasty, noisy, electro hiphop mayhem” duo Wrists, bedroom punk project Mallrat, “tegan and sara worship” band Dump Him, “anti-band” Piss-Off, Queefcore, an act with a Soundcloud page that is not super safe for work, the abstract, ambient gender terrorism group COME DOWN to US, and Northampton-based, “mathy” emo bedroom pop group Boyscout Thriller.

“We wanted something that took all the parts of the things we love about Brooklyn but also still represented us!”, the organizers tell Bushwick Daily in an email. “A lot of DIY noise/punk scenes tend to be pretty homogenous and we this fest will be more diverse, in terms of race, gender, genre, media, and more, and overwhelming in the best way. So many beautiful talented people live in Brooklyn and we for some reason really struggle with connecting and bridging gaps. We want people to form friendships and creative relationships that are authentic and sustainable.”

Day Terror Dirt Bath is an all ages affair and costs $10 to attend, though organizers note that no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

RSVP on Facebook— and enjoy the noise, Bushwick!

Featured image: Day Terror Dirt Bath performers Piss-Off. Courtesy of Piss-Off.

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