Brooklyn Mirage 2015 by Loris Jones-Randolph

This summer, East Williamsburg will once again play host to the outdoors house music club that brought thousands to the neighborhood during its inaugural season last year.

Brooklyn Mirage, the location for this year’s pop up house music festival The Cityfox Experience, which is put on by Reynard Productions, is currently being built at an unconfirmed location and will launch at 3pm this coming Saturday, May 21st.

Seven high profile acts will preside over the opening, including Adriatique, Atish, Bilaliwood, Frank & Tony, Henrik Schwartz, Matthias Meyer and Thugf**ker. Tickets are currently on sale for $70 each, and attendees can expect the opening event to last into the dawn hours of Sunday morning.

Brooklyn Mirage launch comes on the heels of 2016’s Electric Daily Carnival and helps kick off the city’s summer music festival season: the weekend after the launch is Memorial Day Weekend, when many of the city’s seasonal openings take place, and the weekends following will feature Governor’s Ball, the launch of Celebrate Brooklyn, the Coney Island Mermaid Paraide and NYC Pride Weekend, respectively.

Last year’s incarnation of the Mirage venue notably featured palm trees and Facebook event pages indicate that the attending crowds numbered in the thousands.

Will you be at Brooklyn Mirage this summer?