Bushwick High School Seniors: Apply for this “New York Values” Scholarship!

The East Quad at Brooklyn College. Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

As most of us know, the cost of college is getting way out of hand, and in a city where the cost of everything spiraled out of control long ago, more and more students with their sights set on college have to look to outside resources to fill the gap between what they can afford and what federal loans and grants can provide.

Lawyer and New York City native Ivan Diamond hopes to offset the burden of college costs with a scholarship opportunity for one lucky NYC student who will be starting college in the city this fall. Mr. Diamond is a graduate of three New York institutions himself: Stuyvesant High School, Hunter College, and Brooklyn Law School. He tells Bushwick Daily that his  “success as an attorney was and is intimately connected to being part of this great and varied collection of people that make up New York City. I wanted to fund a scholarship that reflected that sense of being part of this City and the shared values of generosity, hard work and grittiness that make New York what it is.”

Applicants who want $2,500 (a total that can cover almost an entire undergrad, in-state semester at CUNY before any other financial aid) paid directly to their school can submit a three page essay describing what 2016 presidential contest buzz phrase “New York values” mean to them and how their education will help them improve their communities.

When asked what would help an applicant stand out, Mr. Diamond replied, “Resiliency, tenacity and determination are what it takes to ‘make it’ in New York City. These are the same traits I’m looking for in the winning applicant.”

Eligible students must currently be seniors in a New York City high school, enrolled in an NYC college for the fall, and legal residents of the United States. Full eligibility requirements can be found on Mr. Diamond’s website.

The deadline is August 1st, but as native residents of a city that’s infamous for its lines, eligible applicants will know that submitting their application asap definitely won’t hurt their chances. Best of luck—we’ll keep an ear out for news about the winner!

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