Logo courtesy of The End Records.

The End Records

has called 94 Bogart St home for the past decade, but as has happened to so many places in Bushwick in the last five years, their building was sold and the new landlord has asked the label to move out. Owner Andreas Katsambas spoke with Bushwick Daily about his memories of the company’s years in Bushwick.

When The End first put down roots in Brooklyn, Katsambas remembers well-intentioned people telling him to refer to the location of his headquarters as “East Williamsburg.” He remembers Roberta‘s opening, and days when he was the only passenger on the L to get off the train at at Morgan Ave.

Years later, people began to call his Bushwick location an asset, telling him things like “being in Bushwick, you’re considered to be on the cutting edge of music,” though he amended that characterization thus: “Eventually, everyone catches up to you.”

And catch up everyone has. But The End won’t be moving further into Brooklyn when it relocates: the company’s new space is actually in Manhattan. Katsambas explained that when it become apparent that they were going to be bought out of their space, he began looking for more office space around Bushwick, but decided to explore his options in Manhattan when he realized the island might be more affordable.

The upside of the relocation is that The End is having a massive, everything-must-go sale of current inventory. Stop by 94 Bogart St any time between 10am and 6pm, ring the buzzard and shop around. The sale will continue through the end of the month, when it’ll be time to pack up and leave. They are also hoping their might be time for one last big show to say a proper farewell, so stay tuned for news of that development.