Photo Courtesy of Dreamcrusher.

Myrtle Broadway can be a dark, timeless abyss sometimes—especially during rush hour. So it’s no surprise Brooklyn’s nihilist experimental producer Dreamcrusher titled their latest track “Myrtle Ave-Broadway.”

The frenetic, swarming synths evoke Death Grips: they scream and thrash through eight minutes of aggressive noise. Chaotic melodies spiral down and collapse over a slow hip-hop beat. It leaves the listener on a gloomy, confusing planet. A place where there’s a Popeye’s, flickering street lights, and the constant rumble of a subway in the distance (Sound familiar?) It’s as if we’ve fallen into the chase scene of a cyberpunk film that climaxes in sirens, screams and static. 

“It’s about the first day I was in Brooklyn. I had just landed from Kansas [and it was] my first time on a plane,” Dreamcrusher tells Bushwick Daily. Suddenly it all makes sense. If Myrtle Ave-Broadway was our introduction to Brooklyn, we’d be nihilists too.

You can check it out below and buy it for two dollars on Bandcamp.

Myrtle Ave-Broadway by dreamcrusher

[UPDATE] an earlier version of this post misstated the artist’s pronouns; they use the gender neutral they/them/their, not the male he/him/his.