All photos courtesy of ZODIACK

Stop fretting about the Mercury Retrograde, astrology suckers, and focus on more positive aspects of the current star alignments. Perhaps a new astrology-themed monthly party series, ZODIACK will get you in the proper celestial mood.

ZODIACK promises to be full of music, dancing, libations, and art; and yes, it is built around the concepts of the astrological signs. Held at Ridgewood’s Trans Pecos (9-15 Wyckoff Ave) ZODIACK integrates electronic and live music, projected visuals, on-site installations, performances, fashion, light design, and more. Are you sold yet?

If so, then this coming Saturday, January 30, you can celebrate all the capricorns between us.

“Capricorn, the unstoppable goat, works in systematic ways to reach its determined goals,” writes the collective on their party invitation. And because of the industrious spirit native to all capricorns, this Saturday’s Capricorn Has No Chills party will be an industrial-themed night. Expect cage-rattling bass from DJs (Lemon Verbena, Tomás Urquieta, Joshua Steers and Michael Magnan), brutal live electronic sets (Pləbeian, VIOLENCE), constructionist installations, and interactive performances within the barricades of Trans-Pecos.

“We have rooted ourselves here in this neighborhood,” one of the eight piece collective behind the ZODIACK party series, Arthur Kozlovski told us. “We focus on embracing the artistic community in our neighborhood as we create more and new connections.”

The admission to ZODIACK party is unlike other big EDM events is only $7 with an RSVP. Go dressed as a Berlin babe, metal workers, NSA operative, Techno titan or a deconstructionist.

ZODIACK: Capricorn Has No Chills, Saturday, January 30, 10PM to 4AM at Trans Pecos (9-15 Wyckoff Ave, Ridgewood). $7-$12