Brooklyn Magazine is Now a Monthly Publication, Say Goodbye to Printed L Magazine

brooklyn magazine

If you’re obsessed with any reads pertaining to Bushwick, North Brooklyn and Brooklyn (as you should be), you will be excited to hear that Brooklyn Magazine has turned from quarterly to monthly publication, and maybe a little sad that printed L Magazine has waived its final goodbye.

All of these news in the Brooklyn media world are attributable to Los Angeles company Zealot Networks acquiring Northside Media Group, which is the publisher of Brooklyn Magazine, The L Magazine as well as the force behind Summer Screen and Northside Festival.

Two brothers, Scott and Daniel Stedman co-founded The L Magazine back in 2003 from their loft bedroom and had a fabulous 12-year run with it. In 2011, they added a glossy quarterly publication dedicated to the cultural exploration of our borough, Brooklyn Magazine, which was followed by a similarly successful eponymous website. Summer Screen and Northside Festival were just cherries on top of what Scott Steadman calls “a community building company.”

In June, the company has announced that it has been acquired (for cash and equity) by Los Angeles company, Zealot Networks. The Steadmans remain in the leadership of Northside Media Group and with the resources now available to them now, they embarked on a new journey. Besides the monthly Brooklyn Magazine, Northside Festival is preparing to go international (whoa!) and their innovation meetup has expanded to Miami and Chicago (whoa whoa!). The L Magazine will continue only online, and from what we gather, Brooklyn Magazine will partially overtake its most popular themes and features such as the best of Brooklyn in this September issue.

It’s great to see grass roots companies grow, and to share that excitement, Northside Media Group has gifted you, dear Bushwick Daily readers a 25% discount off the $9.99 Brooklyn Magazine subscription, which makes it really, really cheap! Just type in the code X525SP at the checkout and enjoy your monthly mag.

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