1902 Palmetto_Riita Ikonen and Yasue Maetake

Who says Bushwick Open Studios is an exclusive affair? Last weekend, Ridgewood artists showcased their studios with the best of ’em and pretty much turned it out. From lofts with live music and daytime bar service to a full-fledged raw organic chocolate laboratory, “Ridgewick” proved an indispensable part of any BOS tour. Here’s a photo recap of some faves.

Artists Riita Ikonen and Yasue Maetake were featured in “Made in Ridgewood” at 1902 Palmetto Street, including Maetake’s amazing sculpture above and Riita’s equally striking, meticulously hand-sewn leafy creature below:

1902 Palmetto_Riita Ikonen


Among other artists in the same building, Justin Carty showed his bold oil portraits (and portraits in progress):

1902 Palmetto_Justin Carty


Next stop: Thunder Dome and Danger Zone, the studios of Shayna Hawkins and Nick Brewer at 1313 Halsey Street, were a high-tech haven. 3-D printers, homemade vinyl wallpaper and at least 5 animals (2 dogs and 3 cats, we saw) abound, while gamer boy genius Nick plays his own Retro Pie Box creation: operates any Nintendo, Genesis, SNES etc. game your heart might desire.

1313 Halsey_Thunder Dome & Danger Zone (Nick Brewer)
1313 Halsey_Thunder Dome & Danger Zone (Shayna Hawkins)

Over at 345 Eldert Street, home of the famed naked calendar, r&d studios invited fully clothed residents to enjoy live music, film screenings and dance performances complete with bar service:

345 Eldert_r&d studios


Reservoir Art Space, at 659 Woodward Ave, rocked a laid-back vibe. Over free lemonade and novelty umbrellas, we chatted with co-founder Jamie Powell about the 11 semi-private studios and the artists in residence. Jamie, Omari Douglin and Caetlynn Booth (who had the awesome idea of raffling off one of her paintings to a lucky winner) below:

659 Woodward_Jamie Powell
659 Woodward_Omari Douglin
659 Woodward_Caetlynn Booth


Leah Yerpe’s studio at 283 Linden Street is gorgeous at the early onset of a late spring evening. For her insanely detailed work, she invites a few models over at a time, asks them to roll around, and takes the photographs that become the basis of her art.

283 Linden_Leah Yerpe


We finished our Ridgewick tour just north of the Jefferson L stop. At 17-17 Troutman Street, Travis Turner was a highlight with his intricate bric-a-brac newspaper lamp fixtures, while Michael Marcelle’s high-contrast photos seemed to mourn a post-Sandy Jersey Shore. We put the day to bed out on the open deck with vegan Raw Chocolate Love, made on premises, and rare international souvenirs from Dan Nation is THIS, at 16 Cypress Avenue.

1717 Troutman_Travis Turner
1717 Troutman_Michael Marcelle_pics


1717 Troutman_RawchocolateloveNYC
17 Cypress_Dan Nation is THIS

We love you, Ridgewood!