Any art openings this weekend? You asked and we’re ready give you all the details. Every week Bushwick delivers a new selection of openings and events that reach every avenue and intersection of the absolute center of New York City. We’re also in the middle of “a special era in New York” as artist Christopher Stout deems it, a “one and only” type of place as I like to say. Christopher’s show “A.O.” opens Friday night at ArtHelix, along with openings at Honey Ramka and GCA, followed by new shows at Good Work Gallery and Amos Eno inside The Loom this Saturday.

#1 Christopher Stout “A.O.” @ ArtHelix (FRI 6-9 pm)

299 Meserole Street

You already know this Bushwick artist-about-town: Christopher Stout, founder of Bushwick Art Crit Group (BACG), has a solo show opening this Friday night at ArtHelix. “A.O.” showcases new paintings fashioned from fused plaster cylinders on museum panel. “A.O. is about the discovery of telling a visual story while not using the entirety of the painting’s surface,” describes Christopher, “A.O. is about an edifice to prominence.”

#2 “Puppet Panic” @ Honey Ramka (FRI 6-9 pm)

56 Bogart Street

“Puppet Panic” opens Friday, May 1st (Image courtesy of Honey Ramka)

Face “the terror of being reduced to simple mechanisms and matter” in “Puppet Panic” featuring work by Paul Bergeron, Katrina Fimmel, Jason Reyen and Ana Wieder-Blank. The show utilizes dialogue from Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (a 2004 anime sci-fi) to describe “an unyielding corpse, tiptoeing on the brink of collapse.” Dolls, in all their elegance and perfection, should be devoid of souls, their perfection marked by inadequacies of human awareness and reality; a lifeless object unalive… or actually alive?

Honey Ramka’s project space will display “Abscissas and Ordinates” featuring work by Lars van Dooren and John O’Connor.

#3 “From Ash to Apollo” @ GCA (FRI 7-9 pm)

119 Ingraham Street, #315

Sara Maria Salamone’s “Smile You’re On Camera” digital C print (Courtesy of GCA)

Group Club Association presents new photography works by Sara Maria Salamone in “From Ash to Apollo.” Every day objects surely gone unnoticed, like plant life and store signage, are captured here and brought right into our main view, altering the idea behind the spotlight or attention we normally provide these things.

#4 “Lucid Moments” @ Parenthesis Art Space (THURS 6:30-9 pm)

203 Harrison Place

Screenshot from Chris Baily’s “Lucid Moments” (courtesy of Parenthesis Art Space)

Artist Chris Baily activates his paintings through projections that create an atmosphere exploring the elasticity of time and space in “Lucid Moments,” the latest exhibition to fill Parenthesis Art Space. These video collages simulate a mesmerizing encounter with each painting included within the work, balancing between what curator Luis Martin describes as a “feeling of anticipation for a pending narrative and the sensation of witnessing a pristine and eternal moment.”

#5 “A Feeling” Book launch and paintings by Catherine Pearson @ Good Work Gallery (SAT 6-9 pm)

1100 Broadway

Catherine Pearson’s “A Feeling” opens Saturday, May 2nd (Image courtesy of Good Work Gallery)

A Feeling” opens at Good Work Gallery along with a book launch by painter Catherine Pearson. With this exhibition, Pearson’s most recent paintings utilize collage, photography and watercolor, portraying an immediacy and intimacy that both contrasts and complements her some of her more large-scale abstract work. The book provides context and keys to her approach to abstraction.

#6 Stephen March “Recent Tribe Works” @ Amos Eno Gallery (SAT 4-6 pm)

1087 Flushing Avenue, Suite 120 at The Loom

Stephen March’s second solo exhibition at Amos Eno Gallery features mixed media works from his ongoing Tribes series. In addressing contemporary political, social, and spiritual issues, March’s work transcends the physicality of material surfaces, as the panels of his Tribes series consist of natural and manufactured materials including soil, wheat, deer hide, blacktop patch, printed fabric, and carpet. Prompted by a desire to explore people and beliefs in conflict, these works form a metaphor for the fragility of human existence.