Bushwick Pilsner (Image via Braven Brewery)

Tears were rolling down my cheeks with joy when I heard that Bushwick’s very own and currently the only brewery in town, Braven has introduced their newest beer, Bushwick Pilsner.

Bushwick Pilsner, dear friends, is not just any pilsner, it is a beer based on historic recipes that dominated Brooklyn’s Brewer’s Row in 1870’s  to 1970’s. (If you are unaware that Brooklyn and particularly Bushwick, had more breweries than any other place in America at the turn of the century, stop reading right here and go quickly watch this essential documentary, Brewed in Brooklyn, or better yet attend this citizen-lead Bushwick Brewing History tour to be held this Saturday, May 2, from 1pm to 5pm.)

“We’re excited to introduce our Bushwick Pilsner this summer as it’s the first commercially available version of this classic style since the last working brewery closed here in 1976,” said one of the Braven founders, Marshall Thompson.

Bushwick Pilsner will hit the market and your favorite watering hole this coming June, and will bring the perfect easy-drinking, light-bodied brew for a summer rooftop, parties, or a backyard BBQ. “Your grandad would love this beer,” added Marshall.

Braven is a Bushwick sweetheart of a brewery, and really the only beer a true Bushwick die hard drinks. The founders Marshall Thompson and Eric Feldman founded the company in 2013, and have been working relentlessly ever since to bring brewing business back to Bushwick. From their successful Kickstarter in 2013 to the launch of their official launch in January 2015, Bushwick Daily has been lovingly following the hoppy journey of Braven, and we’re wishing them many happy gulps of beer also in the future.

Bushwick Pilsner, launching in June 2015. For more details, follow Braven on Facebook.

Bushwick Brewing History Tour, part of Jane Walks, lead by Chris Heuberger. This Saturday, May 2, from 1pm to 5pm. Starts on Meserole St and Bushwick Pl. Free admission.