So, you’re craving a taste of Old Spain but simultaneously looking for fresh artwork and live performances in Bushwick. Never fear—hailing from Valencia, art collective Paella Pop has you covered.

Not only will they cook up enough paella to feed literally everyone in attendance (OMG!), they’ve also gathered 21 Brooklyn artists to turn the studios at 160 Randolph Street into a veritable merry-go-round of sensory and artistic delights this Saturday from 5:00pm – 9:00pm.

The event kicks off on the ground floor of the building, where the duo behind the project—Paula Gómez Rosado and Juan Carlos Rosa Casasola—will prepare the paella in front of you.

While the rice and the savory sofrito simmer (food should be ready by 5:45pm), installations abound to please art lovers of all kinds. Don’t miss: Queer films by Peewee Nyob. Light sculpture by Kip Davis. Visual art by Nyssa Frank, Spanish artist Isidro Blasco, architectural artist Laura Abad and others.

In addition, live performances pepper the evening: a dance-and-theater hybrid show by Mar Garcia that will be therapeutic for the senses (sonic, visual, olfactory). Break dancing by young subway veterans Chosen Crew. A surprise intimate concert that will take place within an elevator. That’s just to name a few. Here’s the full map and schedule:

These disparate elements blend into a cohesive whole, not unlike…well, a paella. “The traditional paella has a quality of bringing people together,” Juan Carlos said about the collective’s namesake dish, chosen for its ability to represent the relationship between the art world and the consuming public. “Everyone eats from the same dish. That’s art.”

Paula, who owns a restaurant in Spain, shared her goals for the event. “I put all of my love into my paellas. We want people to enjoy the food, the art, the smells, the sounds.”

Don’t worry, vegetarians. While hot wings and barbecue flavors form the backbone of this paella (custom-designed for the “US Edition” of Paella Pop, as a Berlin Edition is already in the works), Paula and Juan Carlos will also prepare lots of Spanish omelette, made with egg, potato and onion. More, please!

Paella Pop is this Saturday, May 2nd, from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM.  160 Randolph Street, East Williamsburg.