[Photo Essay] Antlers in Bushwick: Rudolph’s Reindeer Friends Are Spotted All Over Town

Antlers on Grattan Street (All photos by Katie Killary unless otherwise stated)

In one fell swoop winter seemed to reign over the northeast, interrupting Fall, chilling NYC, but igniting the one and only Bushwick. Thankful for 101 reasons (and still counting), Bushwickians embraced the winter cold and refused to settle for staying indoors with their leaky radiators or sputtering heaters (hence why I never stay in during winter time).

From Open Mic Nights at Kings County Saloon to Shwick Market, art openings and music shows, Bushwick is taking back the reins on this cold season and riding into the holiday spirit.

We’ve even spotted a few of Rudolph’s reindeer brothers (or cousins, pals, uncles-in-law twice removed, what have you) around the neighborhood. From art on Grattan Street to the cozy, warm setting of Alaska Bar (how approp.) and inside our neighbor’s homes, it’s all ANTLERS guys, all season long!

Antlers on Troutman Street across from Union Pizza Works and The Rookery

When I have a cold but can’t miss Bushwick Art Crit I order hot tea at Brooklyn Fireproof (add Tennessee Honey whiskey). Too bad the bar/cafe closed.

My upstairs neighbors had an art party and look what I found…

Piece by Jenna Derosa

My fancy next door neighbors just bought this new credenza — can you spot the antler decor?

Peeling away with the seasons along Grattan Street on the way to Pine Box.

Not antlers, but these horns were found inside The Keep. You really have to see all of the curiosities at this new place!

Of course Alaska would have antlers mixed into their decor…

Looking back at Julie Torres’ “Second Family” show in LES — these plasma cut steel antlers by Bushwick-based artist Wendy Klemperer stole the show for me.

Jourdain Jongwon Lee from Space 776 incorporates antlers into his dynamic collages of found objects from the neighborhood (Photo courtesy of Jourdain).

Antlers_Jourdain Jong won Lee

Braven Brewing Company coasters are all about the antlers…

UPDATE: We have actual antlers photos from inside The Keep! They’ve done their holiday decorating as you can see…

Ring a sleigh bell (or just leave a comment) if you have any antler sightings around Bushwick this holiday season!

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