Even Bigger Thank you, Bushwick, Than Last Year!!!!

Gobble Gobble!

There cannot be a better day than Thanksgiving to say thank you for this great community; thank you for every exciting day in Bushwick.

Though it’s hard to put a finger on what makes Bushwick so good, we attempted to do so in our list of 101 things to be thankful for.

Today we would like to add also a 102nd reason to the list. It’s all of you, gals and guys! The absolute best supporters we can imagine. During our crowdfunding journey to build Village, your support has been truly important. Thanks for all your contributions, donations, advice, and the pep talk! God knows we need it.

We’ve crowdfunded almost 30% of our goal of $25,000, necessary to code & design Village, our new platform (website + app) to revolutionize hyperlocal journalism. With only 10 days left, we really need your help right now!

Before you go on a Black Friday shopping spree, we would like to ask you to consider a $5 donation to our campaign. If everyone of our today’s readers donated that, we would be done in about twenty minutes!

Guys, the future of Bushwick Daily, a totally bootstrapped, totally local bootstrapped publication is in your hands and we fully rely on you. Let us make Bushwick real proud with a completely new tech solution for hyperlocal journalism, which furthermore will strengthen the sense of the community in our neighborhood.

Please do pledge today and share this message with your friends.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Find out more & pledge here

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Pledge $5 right now. We are eternally thankful!


We’ve added 10 more copies of Bushwick Nightz book published by Bushwick Daily. Get your copy now! It’s perfect for holidays! Pledge $10!

Bushwick Royalty Beanie

“Bushwick Royalty” Beanie for $30

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Pledge $30 and receive a “Totes Bushwick” tote bag!

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Pledge $50 and receive 2 VIP tix to Bushwick Royalty party, which includes food & drink.

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Pledge $80 and treat yourself and your 3 best friends to a dinner of delicious pizza and special barrel aged cocktails (value $120)!

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