This Saturday marks the year’s longest day which means we should all take advantage of the long days and warm nights to get out and about this weekend! As is usually the case during these high summer weeks, galleries are getting creative and taking chances, and experimenting with new and exciting curatorial decisions and venues. This weekend’s exhibitions are as various as they are interesting, taking you all around the neighborhood and we are encouraging you to even make it up to Queens! Be bold this weekend, and head on out!

#1 U:L:O Part I @ Interstate Projects (FRI, 6PM)

Friday marks the beginning of Interstate’s six week series where the gallery invites six curators to organize a show in each of their three spaces. U:L:O Part One will feature Queer Thoughts, Important Projects, and Zachary Davis. The show will run for three weeks, at which point the gallery will transfer over to three new curators who will each have a turn at transforming the space. Part of the experimental spirit of the summer, each curator is sure to bring an entiresly different perspective in their designated gallery.

#2 Initial Deviations @ Palisades (THU, 6-9PM)

Taking repetition as its main point of investigation, Palisades’ inaugural exhibition will demonstrate how the three participating artists—Solomon Alexander Chehebar, Claire Lachow and Brian Stemrick— employ multiplication of images to different ends. As motifs are repeated, small aberrations are introduced and amplified through the repetition. The images transform and become distorted, inevitably evoking new associations in the process and suggesting that there is no fixed meaning in a form, only a mutability and relativity that is open to endless interpretation. As meanings shift, we might even be challenged to recall our initial impressions of the work, leading curator Kara Brooks to declare that the exhibition “illustrate[s] the fragility and malleability of memory.”

#3 SoundEvent @ Socrates Sculpture Park (SAT, 5-10PM)

Ride your bike across the Pulaski Bridge on a fieldtrip to Socrates Sculputre Park in LIC for this extraordinary collection of sound and experimental noise installations, presented by Norte Maar. Performers/artists will include Tristan Perich, Composers Inside Electronics, Jacob Kirkegaard with Katinka Fogh Vindelev, Lesley Flanigan, Maria Chavez, and MV Carbon, Andrew Hurst and Shona Masarin, Doug Van Nort and Audra Wolowiec. Using traditional images, amplification equipment, and the physical landscape of the park the artists will proliferate the entire space with sound in a myriad of ways helping viewers (listeners) experience the park in an entirely new way.

#4 Apostrophe Kickstarter Launch Party @ Address TBA (FRI 10 PM)

You’ll be seeing in black and white against a dynamic musical backdrop at Apostrophe’s kickstarter launch party this Friday night.Apostrophe founders Sei and Ki are throwing this eclectic event to raise funds to bring back their former art gallery and performance venue at 440 Irving Ave. in Bushwick that closed last fall. Catch performances by Gabriel Garzón-Montano and THEiLLUZiON, with DJ sets by Gizmo,Dunes, Enasni Leber and George Stroud. Five local artists have been brought on to cover the walls and floors of the venue in black and white to be combined with a light show projection as all of the night’s performers bring down the house.

Check their Facebook Event the day of to learn address and location, which will only be released the day of the event!

#5 Show #11 @ The Parlour Bushwick (SAT, 6-9PM)

The five artists featured in this next iteration at The Parlour create work that resonate with difference aspects of the human experience. Utilizing different techniques and styles, each artist approaches concepts of humanity and existence from a different vantage point, demonstrating the severe variations we see when confronting this topic.