This is just for you! We rounded up some of our must-see studio picks, including a selection of spaces that appear in this year’s No BS BOS curated guide to the coolest studios, performances, outdoor events and more for Bushwick Open Studios 2014. You can pick up a copy of your own at every good Bushwick business later today!

Slideluck Bushwick III @ 154 Morgan Ave. #4 (SAT 7-11 PM)

Slideluck Bushwick III

Slideluck Bushwick III starts as a potluck dinner and culminates in an art slideshow. This Bushwick-based global non-profit will be opening a dialogue between artists from our neighborhood and mixing things up with several Baltimore-based artists who are traveling in for the event.

Will Hutnick @ 41 Varick Ave. #202 (SAT 12-6PM, SUN 12-9PM)

Will Hutnick, ‘Do Do Do You Have It’

Will’s colorful and chaotic mixed media pieces take over his studio like fireworks exploding in their prime. We’ve caught bursts of Will’s installation works all over town – from exhibitions at Loft 594 Gallery in Bushwick to the Uprise Art Outpost in Chelsea – and can’t wait to see them at their origin.

Brooklyn Fireproof East Studios @ 119 Ingraham St. (SAT-SUN 12-7 PM)

Michael Serafino, ‘That New York Feeling’ at Brooklyn Fireproof East artist studios

Explore a range of terrains inside BKFP studios, from Michael Serafino’s exoplanet landscapes in studio #114 to Scott Nyerges’ Walking Bushwick series of the neighborhood’s industrial landscape inside studio #202. Then see what artist Jaynie Crimmins does with her leftover junk mail (of the snail mail kind) in studio #215

17-17 Troutman Artist Studios (SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

L-R: works by Jen Poueymirou, Jen Shepard, Janel Shultz, and Michelle Matson at Studio 319 at 17-17 Troutman

Look closely for the “live” aspects of Ivan Stojakovic’s new sculptures in studio #246 then experience a laser engraving demo by Max Steiner Design down the hall in #250. Upstairs at #319 artists Jen Shepard and Jen Poueymirou create absurd sculptures by way of chance processes while Janel Shultz and Michelle Matson combine oddities with common objects.

17-17 Troutman Galleries (SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

Ortega y Gasset Projects holds a performance show titled Body as Omen in #327 while Harbor Gallery transports visitors to another realm in their current exhibition, Lil’ Artworld inside #258. Leave time to catch the Underdonk artist collective at #201 and Parallel Art Space in #220—these will be the galleries’ final shows inside 17-17 Troutman due to the building’s recent changes in operation.

Brooklyn Brush Studios, 203 Harrison Pl. (SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

Matthew Caron, ‘FYNE’ audiovisual campsite at Brooklyn Brush Studios

Make yourself at home inside Matthew Caron’s audiovisual campsite FYNE and enjoy a brief vacation amid images of the great outdoors. Campers are encouraged to relax inside a fiberglass tent suspended from the ceiling, or stretch out on a faux forest floor, all branching from the documentary photography captured by Matthew on his travels.

Up the hall at studio #312 you’ll scale the subconscious slopes of Luis Martin’s artistic psyche until you reach his dreamlike landscapes—bordered only by the walls of his studio. Then try to wrap your mind around the de Chirico-esque style as he mixes magical realism with surealism and mystery.

Dexter Ciprián @ Myrtle Light Studios, 1533 Myrtle Ave. #16 (FRI-SUN 12-7 PM)

Dexter Ciprian at Myrtle Light Studios

Built from an architecturally inspired practice, Dexter’s sculpture’s combine the everyday with a touch of the surreal. Working with quotidien forms like bottles, rolling pins, and kitchen appliances, he casts and presents them in a way that completely removes their function. While visiting, check out the rest of the Myrtle Light Studios spaces as well!

Good Work Gallery @ 1100 Broadway (SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

Still from Saki Sato’s ‘Meditations’ video installation at Good Works Gallery

This brand new storefront collective boasts 11 artist studios showing in conjunction with their new exhibition, Spring Mix. Good Work’s offerings range from Saki Sato’s video installation meditations to Alex Phillips’ sculpture highlighting the formal beauty of detritus and store-bought plastic junk. Phyllis Ma’s painted clothing designed and inspired by emoji icons? Icing on the Good cake.

Water Warriors @ Be Electric Studios (FRI 7-10 PM, SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

‘Water Warriors’ at Be Electric Studios

Be Electric Studios is a new creative space welcoming you to check out their current exhibition, Water Warriors, a documentary photography and video exhibition by photojournalists Andrew Stern and Michael Premo. This is an intimate peek behind the scenes of the wildly lucrative oil and gas boom sweeping North America as a rural Canadian community campaigns to protect their land and water.

Do It Yourself @ 195 Morgan Ave. (FRI 6-10PM, SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

‘Do It Yourself’ at 195 Morgan Ave.

Under the lead of Brooklyn-based abstract painter, Julie Torres, 40+ Bushwick artists have been curated by 10 artists visiting from across the US. This is the perfect place to see 10 curated art shows under one roof! (Formerly 3rd Ward building)