Do you miss your good old college days? Wish you could go back to that care free, inspiring lifestyle where your one goal was to soak up all information like an eager, doe-eyed sponge? Well lucky for you, it’s back to school this weekend when it comes to gallery openings in Bushwick. Enjoy a studious gallery crawl as you network at Brooklyn Brush studios (it’s BYOB, like actual college, amiright?), take an art business class with performance artist Seth Lepore, view Yale MFA Student sculpture work, and see pieces related to geometry and “Moby Dick.” This weekend, art won’t fail you!

#1 WET PAINT & first CONCLAVE mixer @ Brooklyn Brush Studios (THURS 6:30 – 9)

We can assure you that this is the first time the words “geometry,” “networking,” and “mixer,” don’t mean you’re having the worst day of your 8th grade life. Quite the opposite! Join Brooklyn Brush Studios in their Parenthesis gallery space for Wet Paint, the first exhibit in an ongoing series, which will introduce you to four up and coming artists who use paint, geometry, and post digital textile making to create amazing works of art. During this month’s Conclave mixer, Joshua James of Art Bomb NY will speak on the new age of connecting people with art, and how his platform exposes new artists to collectors. Stay late afterward to participate in the BYOB cocktail hour meant to promote networking and sharing of ideas with fellow artists.

#2 Nuts and Bolts + Kickin’ Ass: A Workshop and Theatre Day @ 250 North Moore St (FRI Class 1-5, Performance 7-8:30)

Nuts and Kick

Learn business and laugh your butt off this Friday from the comfort of writer/actor/performance artist/educator/activist Siobhan O’Loughlin’s living room. For the first part of this productive day, you can enroll in a class that “they won’t teach you in college” called “The Nuts and Bolts of Touring.” For four hours, performance artist Seth Lepore will give you a crash course in running a business as a performance artist, and what you need to know when getting ready to tour. Then, stick around for a performance “Measuring Success One Failure at a Time,” where Lepore will take your suggestions on an index card regarding what it means to fail or succeed, to determine whether these are very real concepts, or outdated measurements of humanity.

Class only: $30 (with 14 or more pre-registrations the fee goes down to $25!)

Class + performance: $40 (14 or more it’s $35!)

Just Performance: $10 (seating limited)

RSVP by emailing [email protected], and specify which event you would like to attend.

#3 Yale Sculpture 2014 @ Storefront Ten Eyck (FRI 8-9pm)

Storefront Ten Eyck is introducing the work of 11 Yale University MFA sculptors to Bushwick on Friday, showcasing ideas that have been incubating in New Haven for two years. Topics ranging from death and ecstasy, logic and curiosity, to fantasy and science fiction, and geometry and reality’s conventions will be on display, conveying each artist’s unique perspective while still weaving a common energy the artists have created by bonding over their intense curriculum throughout the show.

#4 Best Case Scenario @ Brooklyn Fire Proof East (FRI 6-9)

Being that it is the venue’s “inaugural show” in a new space, they are being pretty sneaky about it! Apparently the delicious and spacious venue has a new space called the “Long Hall” exhibition space where they will be showcasing 15 artists on Friday during their show entitled Best Case Scenario. According to, “Participating artists will utilize the 15 permanent exhibition cases fabricated for this unique hallway venue.”

#5 LANDLESSNESS @ Ortega y Gasset Projects (SAT 6-9pm)

Like every great mover, shaker and thinker, at one point or another you’ve probably felt the ground come out from under you. This show is for you. “LANDLESSNESS” quotes Herman Melville from his novel “Moby Dick,” when he says “But as in landlessness alone resides the highest truth, shoreless, indefinite as God – so better is it to perish in that howling infinite, than be ingloriously dashed upon the lee, even if that were safety! For worm-like, then, oh! who would craven crawl to land!” to set the theme of the show. Each of the five artists participating will show works representing uncertainty, aerial views, the feeling of lack of ground, and an uncertain sense of time and space.