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As we reported last week, Beat Nite is back, this Friday night! Beat Nite comes but twice a year, and the entire Bushwick art world is ready for an epic night. Inspired by the art crawl, produced by Jason Andrew of Norte Maar and curated by Austin Thomas of Pocket Utopia fame, many other galleries are keeping their doors open late, hoping to share in the joy of the jovial crowd. Prepare for your night by downloading an event map, and to ensure that you make the most of your wander, Bushwick Daily has your route planned out so you don’t miss a single spot and ensures you make it to the after party with all the cool kids at The Narrows!


HUB: Norte Maar (5:30PM): Starts with cocktails

Jason Andrew’s lovely canine, Fern, becomes the night’s mascot at Norte Maar

If you’re starting your evening early, make sure to begin your evening at Norte Maar, our favorite apartment cum gallery. Here you can grab your map, meet your friends, have a drink, and give Fern the dog a belly rub before venturing on your epic adventure!

 #1 Elisabeth Kley Triple Masquerade: Ink Drawings, Vessels, Notebooks @ Schema Projects

Elizabeth Kley (courtesy of Schema Projects)

Just a short walk down the street from Norte Maar, the next stop is Schema Projects for the new exhibition of drawings by Elisabeth Kley. Kley’s ink drawings possess a feel from a different time; as if plucked from the pages of a art nouveau  or other early 20th century style. With clear allusion to a past era, the “vessel” drawings act as imagined objects for celebrated aged artists, writers and others like Salvador Dali, Erte, Coco Chanel, Elsie de Wolfe, Jack Smith, and Ethyl Eichelberger.

#2 David Henderson, Patricia Satterlee and Jude Tallichet @ Valentine

Jude Tallichet (courtesy of Valentine)

In Valentine’s current show, all three celebrated artists- David Henderson, Patricia Satterlee and Jude Tallichet- explore the utilization of space, whether two or three dimensional. Henderson’s sculptures, made from primarily industrial materials, is deceivingly fluid and smooth, while Satterlee’s anthropomorphic and abstract figures are pressed so closely to the picture plane they loose all sense of shape. Tallichet’s installation works meanwhile explores the sculptural beauty of a cast off piece of clothing so realistically rendered, that you get the sense that their is a half-nude person just in the other room.

#3 Off the Wall @ Parallel Art Space

Gilbert Hsiao, “Hit Parade” (courtesy of Parallel Art Space)

From Valentine, take a stroll down Cyprus to the 17-17 Troutman building for Parallel Art Space‘s current show. Playing with the concept of painting that explores different expressions of space within the parameters of the canvas and the flat wall, the artists in Parallel Art Space‘s Off the Wall exhibition push the illusion of depth or flatness beyond the confines of the rectangle and literally off the wall into our actual space. Seemingly coming to life, the works by Gilbert Hsiao, Stacie Johnson, Alex Paik, Kim Tran, and Ken Weathersby stay attached to the wall but explore beyond it, causing the viewer to re-imagine the boundary between imagined and real space.

#4 Lisa Levy: Everyone’s a Winner @ Auxiliary Projects

Lisa Levy at Auxiliary Projects (courtesy of Auxiliary Projects)

Conceptual, performance and visual artist Lisa Levy (known to many of our Bushwick Daily readers as Dr. Lisa, a self-proclaimed psychotherapist and love & sex columnist), presents a collection of works at Auxiliary Projects. Known for her uncanny ability to put people at ease and help with all sorts of psychological and metaphysical ailments, Lisa Levy’s show is sure to reflect her interest in self-actualization and power and helping those around her.

#5  Elisa Lendvay and Adrian Ting: Alone Together @ Orgy: Park

Adrian Ting at Orgy: Park (courtesy of Adrian Ting)

Beat Nite newcomer Orgy: Park is next on the crawl. The new exhibition seeks to capture the life and soul that exists between an artist and his or her studio. With this in mind, Alone Together exhibits new works by Elisa Lendvay and Adrian Ting celebrate this couple’s work together in their studio. The paintings and sculpture of Lendvay and Ting possess a dialogue and spirit from this shared space and mind.

#6 Michael Stickrod: Land Where People Appear and Disappear at the Same Time @ Airplane

Michael Stickrod at Airplane (courtesy of Airplane)

From Orgy: Park, jog on over to Airplane, for a new exhibition from Michael Stickrod.  Work inspired through the investigation and mining of his own family history, memories, and artifacts, Stickrod’s video, prints and sculptures possess a sense of scientific detachedness while simultaneously being extremely personal.

#7 Tim Bruniges: Mirrors @ Signal

Tim Bruges at Signal Gallery (courtesy of Signal Gallery)

Making the most of their massive space, Signal Gallery’s opening this weekend will feature a site-specific installation by Sydney-based artist Tim Bruniges. Two humungous cast-concrete “acoustic mirrors” will be positioned across the space from one another, effectively reflective sound off one another. Fashioned after their historic British counterparts, positioned along the coast to track incoming fighter planes, the technology was made defunct after the advent of radar. Bruniges brings back this historic shape and concept and brings it into the gallery space for an entirely unique experience for the viewer.

#8 Adam Simon: Swipe @ Studio 10

Installation View of Adam Simon “Swipe” at Studio 10 (courtesy Studio10)

Through a conflation of art and cultural history, Adam Simon “swipes” images and icons across history, time and place, to inspire his works. Silhouettes of Jeff Koons’ stainless steal Rabbit and cutouts reminiscent of Henri Matisse, Simon effectively flattens the art historical canon to a true postmodern spirit where all cultural imagery is fair game and anything goes. While appropriation may not be a novel concept, Simon’s works possess a humor and lightheartedness as well as a spirit of their own. Check out the show at Studio 10.

#9 Ben Godward: Walls Spoke @ Centotto

Ben Godward (Photo courtesy of Centotto)

Centotto shows new works by Ben Godward in Portfolio x Appunti 8: Walls Spoke. So let’s say that in a way, the walls spoke and what they had to say now hangs in the balance. Ben’s new sculptural work fills this space with his recognizable bright, organic formations that flare up with excess material and exuberance. The distinction of this show will be the interactivity—you won’t want to miss the artist’s talk at 8 PM as he explains why.

#10 For Thinkin’ Long and Dark: Brent Owens @ English Kills

Brent Owens, “Out of the Sky (courtesy of English Kills)

In true English Kills form, the new exhibition by Brent Owens is lighthearted with a punch of dark humor and touches on a number of cultural tropes from tropical tourism to ancient practices of blood sacrifice. Covering a range of the human experience across multiple eons, Owens’ new series of his signature router carving plywood “carpet paintings” are becoming larger in scale and increase in their variety of subject matter.

After-Party @ The Narrows

At The Narrows (all photos by Kaitlin Parry for Bushwick Daily)

Congratulations! You have successfully made it through another wondrous Beat Nite. Sprint to The Narrows for the official Beat Nite after party for drinks, great conversation, and of course, their unparalleled big bowl of french fries! I’ll see you there!

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