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Who: Alta Buden

Lives in: Brooklyn, via Chicago

What: Intricate and large scale works comprised of delicate cuts into paper, creating both figurative and abstract designs, usually working from repetition found in nature.

Where You’ve Seen Her Work: Alta’s studio is behind Harbor Gallery in the 17-17 Troutman building, which she co-founded in 2012. If you’re nice enough, next time you visit the gallery, maybe she’ll give you a tour! Alta’s work will also be part of an upcoming exhibit at the Cohen Center Gallery at Alfred University upstate from March 21st-May 18th.

Online: www.altabuden.com

“Inside” 2013 (hand cut paper)

1.Inside_Alta Buden

Why we’re into it: Alta’s work is informed from her unique background in the visual arts, art history, and a degree in the philosophy of science. Her work reflects her experience as an art consultant for the Biodiversity Synthesis Center and possesses an organic nature in her laborious process of cutting. When you view her work, it is easy to first get caught up in the process of the work and the lines and positive and negative space she creates and then understand these details within the entire whole of the work. Drawing from imagery that is sometimes part of her personal history but also much of the time based on images found from online sources such as google, the works reflect the mutualistic, symbiotic or parasitic relationships that humans have with the natural world. Regardless of the resultant image, Alta’s body of work is united by her fantastic process and precision with her materials and the lapse of time that it covers.

“Underneath” 2013 (Hand Cut Paper)

2.Underneath_Alta Buden

(Alta’s abstraction based on images of bone cells in various stages of disease.  In collaboration with scientists for the cover of the Journal of Experimental Medicine, published by Rockefeller University.)