Artist Polly Apfelbaum and a view of her studio. Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Lindquist of MasterDabblers.

With all the gallery openings in Bushwick every week, leaving this art-filled neighborhood is never an easy decision. Even being Bushwick-centric, living in New York City allows opportunities not only to see great art in galleries and museums, but also to visit artists in their element and see works in progress in studio spaces. If you are seeking an amazing opportunity to have intimate conversation with a world-renowned artist in her studio—or you are just plain Bushwick stir crazy—the organization MasterDabblers and their event “Prosecco and Cookies: Come Meet Artist Polly Apfelbaum” is the field-trip you have been waiting for.

This event brings you all the way across the river to the studio of Polly Apfelbaum. Ms. Apfelbaum has shown all over the world including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the recent blockbuster show Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years. As one of 15 guests at this exclusive event you will have the opportunity to view her latest projects in her studio and chat with Polly one-on-one. Prosecco, cookies, and a sneak-peak at Polly’s upcoming projects, this is a one-of-a-kind event worth the trip to Manhattan.

Conceived at the end of 2011, MasterDabblers is a blog, online store and series of events dedicated to accelerating your artistic growth professionally and personally. Glendalys Medina, Courteney Ervin and Stephanie Lindquist are the masterminds behind MasterDabblers. Read their bios here.

Tickets for the event are $30 in advance, so check out the event on Bushwick Daily and RSVP on MasterDabblers website.