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As we all know, Bushwick has some awesome street style. Seriously, you guys know what’s up when it comes to looking good. To celebrate this, each week I’ll be perusing the #Bushwick hashtag on Instagram, and posting the best of what you were wearing. If you want your photo to be featured, be sure to tag me @chixonthehud, or better yet hashtag #BUSHWICKSTYLE.

Leopard is the hottest way to stay warm when Bushwick goes arctic, and @shunskynyc knows it.

Gotta give props to dudes that stay on top of their hair-cuts. photo via @juanchis_barbershop

Leopard again! Just can’t get enough of a good animal-print coat. Also, ice blue lipstick. ALWAYS ice blue lipstick. via @treylatrash

Even Bushwick dogz got style. That’s a nice-ass top hat. via @luu6

Everything about these looks is fantastic. via @michellejoni

That eye makeup. That lipstick. Those contacts. Dem nails. via @mattybeatsnyc