Four Bushwick Art Events to Escape the Holiday Hustle


Ah yes, the Ides of December. While the 15th has in fact passed, I see all around me the anticipatory signs of the holidays to come – the last minute hustling to find that perfect gift for your crazy aunt, or trying to decide what to buy for that cute guy/girl you just started seeing when you’re not sure if you’re “at that point” in the relationship. As we get closer to the eye of the proverbial holiday storm, take a break from the hustle and bustle and stop to think about what’s really important. Art! Changing it up a bit this week, as many galleries are getting ready to close up shop for the holidays or are on their final weeks of their current shows, this week’s events include special performances, thematic holiday exhibitions, and even an art crit group! Escape the holiday grind for a few hours and enjoy the timelessness of art!

Katherine Bauer, “Sizzle,” 2013 (courtesy of the artist via Microscope Gallery)

#1 Katherine Bauer: Teenage Dream Sequence: Seduction of the Eye @ Microscope Gallery (THU 6-9PM)

The third in a series of five performances for the New York-based artist that explores the coming of age of the American female teenager, this iteration revolves around the concept of seduction. Greatly influenced by Surrealism and other European mid century experimental cinema, Bauer’s work has a dark and ritualistic character that perfectly compliments the critical developmental stage of her female teenager subject.


#2 Bushwick December Art Crit Group @ Brooklyn Fireproof (THU 7PM)

The monthly meeting that allows artists, writers, curators, and art lovers alike to review and discuss a selection of works by a group of artists. This month, the group will take a look at artwork by artists Richard Berardino, Robin Mork, Reynolds, Leonard Reibstein, Christopher Rini, and Julia Sinelnikova. This is a great opportunity not only to network and meet with fellow art lovers, but also provides a chance for critical thinking and true discussion about currents artists and their work.

Movement is Flexible at the Living Gallery (courtesy of the Living Gallery)

#3 “Movement is Flexible” A Dance and Sound Series. Vol 1. @ Living Gallery (9-11PM, $7)

Take a step in a different direction tonight at The Living Galleries showcase of experiments in different types of dance and movement, as well as in sound. After set dances by Elle Erdman and Jessica Cook (with sound by Danny Moore) and solo dance by Lulu Soni, the dancers will come together to perform ensemble – visitors are greatly encouraged to join in!

December Lettes at Orgy Projects

#4 December’s Letters @ Orgy Park (SAT 7-10PM)

Steven Mykietyn, self-proclaimed “presidente” of Orgy Park sent an open call to friends, artists and writers from near and far for this special exhibition, asking contributors to write back a letter, stating, “I want your private moments, confessions, dirty socks and the like” which would be on view. The letters will be posted all over the galleries as anonymous confessions. With this open-ended prompt, I am extremely curious to see what the result is!

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