Harvest Cyclery (photo courtesy Julia Cawley)

Bushwick’s recently added vintage bike shop, Harvest Cyclery, which moved just a few blocks from the owner’s basement to a storefront next to the Bushwick Ave church this summer, will be hosting a group art exhibition titled Extra Screws to benefit Mullaly Skatepark in the Bronx this coming Friday. Brendan Vail, the organizer of the exhibition and close friend of the shops owner AJ Nichols, told us more about the reason behind the benefit and New York City skateparks.

Bushwick Daily: Can you talk a little bit about Mullaly Skatepark, and why they’re looking for funding?

Brendan: Mullaly Skatepark is the oldest skatepark in NYC and it was always run by the riders who used it. The park definitely has a DIY atmosphere and feel to it, and was in serious need of a revamp. Last year we formed a non-profit organization and received a grant through Citizens Committee for New York City which is a great organization that funds lots of small projects. Once we got the grant money other people in the BMX family came in and helped us out as well. We can thank Animal Bikes, Base Brooklyn, and especially Ed Pollio and his crew from 5050 Skatepark for coming and helping us out.

BD: Are many skateparks facing the same issues? 

Brendan: Most skateparks are not facing this issue, as they are privately owned businesses like 5050 skatepark, or they are run and maintained by the local parks departments.

BD: What inspired you to have an art show to raise money for the park?

Brendan: The inspiration for having the art show was just knowing how many talented people are involved in the community here in New York, and in the BMX and skate communities as well. We had a great response from people getting involved and I can’t wait to see everything once it’s up!

BD: We can’t wait either! What do you think it is that links art and BMX together?

Brendan: I feel BMX and visual arts have a huge crossover. Riding is a good creative outlet; from building areas to ride or coming up with new ways to do tricks, riders minds are always coming up with something new. I feel artists work in the same way and are always building upon what they have done before, to progress their work.

BD: What should we expect at the event on Friday?

Brendan: You should expect to have a great time on Friday! We have a great location at Harvest Cyclery for the show right off the Myrtle/Broadway stop on Bushwick Ave. We have a huge list of artists involved with amazing work. We will have raffles, drinks, friends, and fun! Come hang out!

“Extra Screws” will be taking place at Harvest Cyclery, located at 606 Bushwick Avenue, Friday August 16th from 8:00-11:30pm. It will be sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, Your Inn, 5050 Skatepark, Harvest Cyclery, Base Brooklyn, and Red Bull. RSVP to the facebook event here.