Bushwick Film Festival only takes place in October but the organizers are already working like busy bees to bring us the 6th annual four-day film festival that will screen 10 feature-length films and 15 short films. “With the August 15th submission deadline fast approaching, the programming department has been working around the clock to make sure the process is seamless. Nevertheless, we welcome the challenge because being overwhelmed means we are doing things right,” Kweighbaye Kotee, founder and programming director of Bushwick Film Festival, wrote in an email.

That being said, if you’re sitting on an amazing short or full feature film you have created in the past year, don’t ask any questions and simply submit it by August 15.

Bushwick Film Festival will also facilitate panel discussions, conversations, pitch workshops and an industry dinner. In addition to all the awesomeness, BFF has announced their New Media Interactive Day, as well as The Bushwick Choice Award, which will provide the attendees living in Bushwick with the opportunity to rate films.

You can also submit your Bushwick stories to Bushwick Diaries, an interactive platform on Cowbird;  your Vines or Instagram Videos; and your five slides of presentations to 5×5 new media or technology talks.