Photo: from left to right, Cat , Amma, Ruth Reader, photo by Jeff Tabb

If you follow Bushwick Daily on the daily (and I know you all do, muah) you know our beloved contributor Cat very well. Yes, it’s the girl who likes to shop at Rainbow and Conway and then brags about her finds. And yes, it’s the girl who visits people’s cribz and asks them a lot of questions. And it’s also the girl who thinks that the J totally trumps the L. So this girl, dear friends has just launched her life style blog called New Talk City. With her friends and editors Amma and Ruth Reader they plan on talking about “hustling in the big city,” about technology, health, and dating for both men and women.

“It’ll be a lot of personal essays about all the crazy s*&%^ that goes on here. We wanna hear what people have to say about all this nutso stuff,” Cat said about her site that also welcomes submissions from anyone who can write something funny and relevant to urban life.

As we know Cat (who btw also wrote novel Chicken on the Hudson) the site will be a huge success.

Tonight Cat and her friends will be enjoying celebratory drinks at Bushwick’s favorite dive bar, Kings County from 8PM. So go say hi, have a drink, talk and most importantly read New Talk City, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter so that you don’t miss a post!

Congrats, Cat!