Bushwick Rave BangOn!NYC 3D in Photos & Gifs

This post is a collaboration of Yamil A. Saade and Kathryn Lees

NYC’s favorite secret rager party did it again with BangOn! this past weekend. The party pioneers at BangOn! took a few cues from Hollywood by integrating the currently popular 3D motive, taking their already unique events to a whole new level! There were DJs…LOTS of DJs, alongside vendors, art, beverages, food, performers, and carnival rides, all neatly wrapped around a visually stunning 3D package. Here are some of the highlights:

Felix Da Housecat

Judging from the surreptitious grin throughout his entire set, Felix Da Housecat loves to amuse. And that he did, in his original style of craftful electro-house. Repititiously commemorating from his notorious bag of tricks; a slew of classic Detroit musings that relentlessly kept the crowd devoutly shifting. His arsenal, audibly laced with acidic 303s and 808 machine drums, blissfully drove the musical arrangements and fully commandeered the audiences attention.

Sydney Blu’s mix of electro and minimal techno, deeply tinged with elements of tribal house and breaks, were driven by dark beats that entranced the audience through an elegantly crafted set.

Some of the art was interactive and welcomed the observer to share in its space.

Aerial Silk

The performers climbed the suspended fabric without safety lines. They used the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of sundry positions.

silent rave flames

The Silent Disco was particularly interesting as it was comprised of a group of people dancing to two DJs, who in turn competed for the listener. Rather than utilizing a speaker system, music was broadcast to the audience via wireless headphones. Those without the headphones heard no music, giving the effect of a crowd dancing to nothing.


Art installations

Anything and everything at the event was potentially art, but there were definitely a few things that stood out. The grandiose multimedia and 3D TV installations fully immersed the viewer in a quintessential, hyperreal environment representative of modern times.



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