‘Crassulas’ by Arielle Falk on view at Auxiliary Projects. (all photos by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

Despite the title, don’t expect too much fresh air. Arielle Falk’s solo show Breathe In, Breathe In opened this past Friday at Auxiliary Projects, and posed some questions about the continual pressure to bring new products into our lives and the lack of fulfillment these new products bring.

In a three-pronged exhibition, Arielle discusses her relationship to products as a consumer as well as a producer. Upon arrival to the gallery you will notice a set of white, 3D printed plants, titled Crassulas. These visually pleasing plastic flowers were created by technology and won’t provide the air purification, nor a touch of nature.

In the corner of the gallery, Arielle installed a set of fans. What a great idea – especially in the summer – you would think. But she cut out the blades. Besides the electric buzz, the fans don’t provide any relieve from heat, nor fresh air. The piece is titled Comfort Zone.

On the wall in a rhombus shape is an installation of dust masks titled MEZ Safety Works. The masks have been dipped into synthetic rubber, which not only gives off toxic fumes when in the initial liquid state but also prevents the air from permeating the fabric.

Arielle Falk’s art pieces are, like many consumer products, attractive at first sight. They create an immediate need or pressure to own them.  Through their contradiction, Arielle emphasizes the disappointing lack of fulfillment they inevitably lead to. The intimate exhibition Breathe In, Breathe In is an apt comment on the consumer era we live in where products are being produced only to be replaced by new products.

Arielle Falk herself posing at Auxiliary Projects.


Arielle Falk: “Breathe in, Breathe in” @ Auxiliary Projects, 2 St. Nicholas Ave, space 25, Bushwick through July 14, 2013. Hours: Saturday-Sunday, 1-6PM or by appointment.