Photo by courtesy of TRANSFER gallery

It’s been ages since Armory Week ended (ok, not really ages, only like 5 days), but if you’re a proper art junkie just like us, you’re already anxiously planning your art weekend in the Bushwick area. So what are the best shows to see this week? We’re glad you asked…

Alexandra Gorczynski: TRUISMS @ TRANSFER Gallery (Saturday, 7PM-12AM)

Money doesn’t grow on trees but new galleries do grow in the most artistic neighborhoods of New York. This week we will be welcoming TRANSFER Gallery and Alexandra Gorczynski as they debut in the thriving art world of Bushwick. Alexandra with her debut solo show Truisms will be providing us with her personal look at the metaphors inherent in a networked life. We are excited to welcome them both in their debuts at the opening reception of the show on March 16th at 7pm. (Dimitri Manousakis)

“Six Degrees of Separation” @ The Bishop (Friday, 7pm)

Photo by courtesy of The Bishop

The Bishop Gallery is a new addition to the area, opening its doors for the first time this Friday. Its inaugural exhibition will feature a group of artists who are tied together by their common connection to the town of Richmond, Virginia. The eight participating artists – Valerie Molnar, Andrew Kozlowski, Nicole Andreoni, Jamie Felton, Roberto Jamora, Brooke Inman, Carlton Morgan, and Paul Koneazny – work in a multitude of different mediums, ranging from acrylic yarn to photography, and will also be joined by a special musical performance by Mario Castro. The concept behind the Kevin Bacon inspired “six degrees of separation” is that, while they might not directly know each other, they are intrinsically connected by having lived, gone to school, or taught in Richmond. Come out on Friday to welcome The Bishop to the neighborhood and, hey, you might even bump into your mother’s old neighbor’s sister’s dog’s uncle’s best friend! (Allison Galgiani)

Crucificado! Ides of March Art Show @ St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Williamsburg (Friday, 7-10PM)

20+ artists, live flamenco music, and performance will take over St. Paul’s Lutheran Church tonight. If you share our obsession with atypical art shows in even less traditional spaces, you cannot miss Crucificado! tonight in Williamsburg. The concept of the art show unravels around the idea of execution and crucifixion of today. The curator asks, “Who are we going to kill today?” (Katarina Hybenova)


Carrie Yamaoka & Kari Soinio in the projects space @ Storefront Bushwick (Friday, 6-9PM)

kari soinio

Storefront Bushwick is one of the very few galleries in Bushwick that has earned itself a crowd resembling a demonstration on the street whenever they open a show, and it has become habitual to the entire Bushwick (and beyond) art scene to show up, and pay respect to the owner, curator and artist herself, Deborah Brown. Tonight they are opening an art show of Carrie Yamaoka, who creates mystical, gentle paintings. Kari Soinio in the project room is a Finnish photographer based in NYC who creates lyrical work celebrating urban landscapes. (Katarina Hybenova)


Body Style @ Bull and Ram (Saturday, 7-9PM)

lise soskolne bull ram

Bull and Ram, a member of the family of four galleries at 17-17 Troutman, rarely disappoints. On Saturday they are opening a group art show curated by Alisa Baremboym, showcasing art work of Lise Soskolne, Katherine Hubbard, Tatiana Kronberg, Alina Tenser, Devon Costello, Tova Carlin, and Lee Maida. (Katarina Hybenova)