Text by Ms. Marquise

“I can’t hear the X’s, can you turn up the squares?”

It occurred to me in my third year out of college, after receiving my appropriately titled BS degree in “Organizational and Political Communications” that people will infrequently be able to read your mind. While we may have progressed over a very long period of time from non-verbal to oral and then to written languages, our thoughts often times are hardly any more complex than our ancestors. That is to say, by now we really ought to have figured out how to communicate telepathically. In the last half century and longer there have been comprehensive and nearly scientific accounts of astral projection, telepathy and distance healing which unfortunately was allotted to a select stereotype of spiritual mediums and enlisted by those of catholic and christian faiths to the army of satanist witches.

OMG my wireless phantom doorbell will not stop ringing every time an active cellphone is near; which is very fucking often.

Now that we have established that your friends and bosses are not psychically intuitive, nor are inclined towards developing a loving relationship where you live inside each other’s heads, that would be gross, and if you think you are or want to do just that, you are sorely mistaken about your brian partner’s internal monologue, we can safely say that communicating will forever be one of humanities greatest tragedies. Where a lack of communication can build suspense and drama keeping us feeding – pacified by the tubes of entertainment, conversely it can single handedly crumble empires and affairs of Roman magnitude.

When locked away in a dark cave as I often am, to utter a single note – let alone one of protest or opposition, can seem daunting. “Why rock the boat?” they say; “Why live if you don’t?” proclaim others. I could argue that my four year college education was useless and stand behind silence speaking volumes because it happens to be true, but it would be more true to say that a calculated silent pause in the middle of a well-delivered rhetoric can speak to the hearts of millions and simply change the world.

So please, get off your ipad and learn how to speak – these last two generations need a coherent voice.


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