By Ms. Marquise

What I have always admire, beyond an artist, is the artist’s ability to express themselves in a coherent and concise maner.

David Lynch does just that. Maybe not in his films, or when speaking on the topic of his films, but  certainly in his lectures on transcendental meditation. Unlike Lao Tze in the “Tao De Ching,” where ideas of being centered to achieve enlightenment are illustrated in the most abstract fashion:

The sage experiences without abstraction,

And accomplishes without action;

He accepts the ebb and flow of things,

Nurtures them, but does not own them,

And lives, but does not dwell.

David Lynch uses examples of fishing, and catching fish to illustrate the process of letting ideas flow in a river of thought, and keeping a metaphysical eye out for the big ones.

That being said, I have to go fish some more. Come see what I catch tonight, two new performances at R Bar around 10:30 and 12 for the “On The Bowery” The Dark Masquerade.


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