There is a really awkward date with possible linguistic barriers going on behind me at the moment, and I, am not twittering about it… Instead I have stepped straight of the airplane and into Yaffa Cafe a late night favorite in order to concentrate on some very very belated writing exercises as opposed to physical ones.

My trip was very relaxing, after the initial self medicating boost of confidence from the worst “Apricot Old Fashioned” cocktails and abundant bottles champagne [and by “initial” I mean the first three days] I didn’t look at my twitter feed once and only once scowled at my plethora of facebook notifications from events 900 miles away from anywhere I would ever admit to being.

A full karaf of sangria and a few comment about being bored later, the old foreign guy in a futbol polo and his young, drunk NYU student date, are now making out at their table behind me. Hardcore. I think the table in front of us just described their lap oriented copulations to resemble a spider fucking a skull.

My great escape to the west was scowl free except for a couple night life oriented incidents involving poorly trained door staff; I was starting to miss furrowing my eyebrows, narrowing my eyes and dropping the sides of my mouth. Luckily, the screaming child on the plane ride warmed me up, and had prepared me for the launch of my social applications. I immediately felt the wave of regretful passivity and jealously of people who were doing things that in all likelihood, I would hate to actually be doing. And then I look at the “feeds” of the people who are generally in positions in life which I would not mind being in and quickly realize I would rather not have that insight. Flashes of red words run through my mind DON’T YOU HAVE A START UP TO RUN?? SHOULDN’T YOU BE WORKING?? WHY ARE YOU CHECKING IN TO THE PLACES YOU EAT WHEN YOU CLEARLY DO NOT EAT??? I calm down just in time for my roommate to make his 3rd airport stop of the day, in his big black rented un-tinted van #myroommateisnotarapist

My roommate has a friend visiting in the front seat, who much to my dismay immediately started discussing whether clicking and selecting additional locations in “foursquare” will give her “points” or not. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? DOES IT REALLY MATTER?? It struck me that just like that horrible child screaming endlessly on the flight I just walked off of minutes ago, these people’s personal technology was not only making the trivial details of their lives more accessible but it was actually making their lives more open and vulnerable ie. open to discussion, ridicule, comprehensive analysis, you know – things I do…

I really feel like the advances of technology have given people so much time back since the days of the massively slow desktop computers that we are frantically trying to make up for time gained by filling it with remedial tasks which we THINK enhance our lives but really just packs it full of meaningless drivel in the form of #hashtags and @mentions, likes, hearts, tags, reblogs, and checking in via squares, faces and the most recent GOOGLE fucking PLUS +++


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