As proclaimed by

Skwisgaar and Toki on the popular adult swim show “Metalocalypse

,” repeatedly, chimes in my mind often – like a most annoying car alarm, or roommates alarm clock set to 4am while he sleeps like a Yeti in a warm, comfortable cave… as I type this, waiting for the half hour mark to rush off to my California bound flight.

I have recently had several conversations with various friends about the nature of inspiration and whether influences are meant to be exploited while they are being recycled and reincarnated over the centuries. There are items and ideas that are public knowledge, usually since their patent has expired or has existed before the process of patents. The chastity belt for example. And while the Catholic church could try to sue A. L. Enterprises LLC for being the world leader in male chastity devices and A. L. could file a case against Lori Lancer for her steel versions of the CB devices.

Use of different materials to accomplish the same task make not only the product / end result different, but also the route which the designer must undergo in order to achieve similar results in functionality and design. Just a simple switch in materials can add an element of irony to the design. BEHOLD SURREALISM. As the world has proven to us time and time again, we don’t have to be geniuses to get noticed, we just have to be cleaver, just once.

Even if you know your path in life is going to be a succession of ripping off other less prominent artists to have your couture made in house for cheap and to fit and I do approve of keeping it in the [industry] family but please divas, hire in house designers who can do it subtly, with just as much grace as you lack. Stop making us cringe, stop – copies me.


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