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The most important resolution for 2013 you can possibly make is to live up to the 100% of your potential. Where to even begin? Ask yourself what is the skill you have always wanted to acquire? Would you like to bring your photography to the next level? Would you like to own an online fashion boutique? Or do you simply want to be able to make your own cheese? 3rd Ward has a really wholesome selection of classes, and what’s particularly awesome is that they have a buy one, get one half off deal on all classes! This means you can acquire and further your skill by combining classes that nicely complement each other. Just use the code CLASSPAIR to redeem the deal. And most importantly hurry!! The buy one, get one-half off deal expires on December 30.

We prepared some class pairings ideas for you:


Intro to Cheese Making + Rooftop Bee Keeping

There’s nothing better than to spread your own homemade cream cheese on something warm and toasty, especially during the winter months! At 3rd Ward they will teach you how to make it, and additionally pass on the wisdom about the cream chemistry, local dairy sourcing, and the different processes of culturing, acidifying, and coagulation. After a 2-hour long class you will be walking home with a basket full of your creamy creations!

And because nothing goes better with your own cream cheese than your own honey, we suggest you take 3rd Ward’s rooftop bee keeping class and learn how you can keep your beehive right on your own Bushwick rooftop.


Portrait Photography + Learn Lightroom

In this thorough, five session long course of portrait photography, you will learn everything about lighting, composition and directing your subject. You’ll learn how to use strobe lights, flash and natural light, as well as how to combine artificial and natural light. Furthermore, you will get weekly assignments and critiques to make sure you create nothing less than stellar portraits at the end of the course.

Once you know how to take stunning portraits, you will truly appreciate the knowledge of a good photo editing tool. Lightroom is the next generation photo-editing software that through its simplicity and great photo management options celebrates pure art of photography. Lightroom is a huge must for every photographer, whether you’re a pro or an aspiring talent. Why not learn it quickly and easily at 3rd Ward?


Launch a Fashion Start Up + Digital Marketing

We’re so excited for the Launch a Fashion Start Up course because we can see many aspiring fashion gurus eager to quit their boring day jobs taking this class. This course will take you step by step through the process creating a fashion brand; from identifying your customers to creating your sample collection and launching your own brick and mortar or e-commerce boutique.

Once your fashion start up is launched, it is time you learn how to make your online store shine on the Internet. At Digital Marketing class, you will learn tricks about SEO, pay-per-click, and other secrets of succesful online presence.

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