As a Brooklyn native, I won’t be doing much travelling this holiday season, except hopping on the subway to see my folks in Park Slope. For those of  you who are  also staying in Bushwick this holiday season due to various reasons, please rest assure that we are thinking of you! With Bushwick restaurants open and ready for the Holidays, we’re turning your holiday jeer into a holiday cheer! So just sit back, relax, and sip your boozy egg nog. Here’s a very international list of where to eat in Bushwick this year:

#1 Dear Bushwick: English Dinner for Xmas


The Vermont meets England restaurant is open for business on Christmas Eve for a very English dinner. The menu includes Yorkshire pudding, whole stuff fish, and fire roasted chestnut soup. If you’re in the mood to smoke a fag amongst a beautiful Christmas tree that competes with the one in Rockefeller Center please reserve your dining table at  929-234-2344.


#2 Mominette: Joyeux Noël for Xmas Eve Brunch

We just reviewed this new tres chic French bistro in Bushwick and quickly fell in love with it’s ambience and food.  Be sure to go to Mominette for a wonderful French Sunday brunch on Christmas Eve. We recommend to try everything and their Brooklyn specific cocktails.


#3  Arepera Guacuco:  South American Christmas comfort food: Feliz Navidad


My fellow countrymen will be open this Christmas Eve. Try their avocado and chicken salad,  known as reina pepida, with a Cocoda to transport you  to sultry Venezuela.  Also, be sure to lament with Venezuelans about why Miss Venezuela did not win the coveted Miss Universe crown this year. Also note that Miss U.S.A did win this year the first time since 1997.


#4. Momo Sushi Shack: It’s Christmas Day in Japan: メリークリスマス

Are you in the mood for sushi this Christmas eve and not the traditional roast? Not to worry! Bushwick Japanese staple, Momo Sushi Shack, will be open today to fulfill that sushi craving. If you still havent gone to Momo’s and have been living in Bushwick for some time, I’d recommend to go today. The usual long waits for Momo’s will most likely be short today.


 #5 Verde Coal Oven: Italian Christmas: Buon Natale

If you’re in the mood to observing the traditional Roman Catholic tradition of having a seafood on Christmas Eve without the sushi, this brick oven pizza restaurant wil be open today. Unfortunately, they won’t be serving the traditional festa dei sette pesci, but they will have Frutti di Mare Livornese and Calamari Arrabiatta as great alternatives to observe the great Italian tradition.


#6. Heavy Woods: Free Bagel Brunch: Vrolijk kerstfeest

As of earlier this month, Bodega’s little sister, Heavy Woods, began serving food and will having free bagel brunch and delicious bloody mary’s on Christmas Day. Bodega will also be open on Christmas Eve if you’re need to have a quick pre-Christmas eve festivities drink. P.S your four legged friends are welcomed to join you for bagel brunch at Heavy Woods.


#7 Northeast Kingdom: From farm to Christmas table

Yes, the number 7 is an odd number to be stopping on a list, but there is a religious reason why we’re choosing to do so.

The heart of Bushwick will be open this Christmas Eve for brunch and dinner. I don’t think I need to say much about this Bushwick establishment, but if you haven’t gone to NEK please do us the favor and go today and try everything on their menu.


Please be on the look out for where to spend your New Year’s Eve this year and our Heavy Woods review.


Happy Holidays,

From Bushwick Daily Team!