Bushwick has a lot to be thankful for during this holiday season. Especially when it comes to the small vendors that call this neighborhood home. Family owned farms and local entrepreneurs come to sell at RiseBoro Community Partnership’s farmers markets and are part of the food education and accessibility in the area. They embody the holiday spirit by sharing what they grow and know to residents through RiseBoro’s efforts.

And in this upcoming holiday season, RiseBoro’s farmers markets are the gift that keeps on giving. Access to food sources that are local, transparent and support different businesses sustain the community and make sure that farmers stay employed.

More than ever, farmers markets that aim to educate the community about food and food health are important. More than 25 percent of Bushwick residents live in poverty and although the neighborhood isn’t considered a food desert by city government, one out of five residents deals with food insecurity. Having accessible and sustainable farmers markets for several months of the year helps tackle some of those issues. All North Brooklyn residents deserve access to it.

As an organization that addresses the needs of Bushwick’s diverse communities, RiseBoro provides workshops and products that reflect the neighborhood’s multicultural character. They embody the spirit of the holiday season and how it can be shared with other residents.

“We really love our Saturday market and so do community members,” says Ali Toxtli, Farmers Market Manager,  “It’s cold but we’ve found it key to stay open until mid December so that all WIC/senior checks, SNAP for $5 and get $2’s Health Bucks, can be used. Also, it’s nice to be a place for local holiday gifts”

Find the RiseBoro Farmers Markets in the neighborhood this year:


In Partnership with Bethel Evangelical Church

Thursdays, 3:00 pm-6:00 pm – Winter hours 1pm – 4pm

215 Cooper Street

RB Bushwick Farmers Market

Saturday 9a.m. – 3p.m., May 19 to December 15

Maria Hernandez Park

RB Rheingold Archway Market

Sunday 10a.m. – 3p.m., May 20 to December 16

533 Bushwick Ave between Noll and Arion

Socioeconomic inclusion is a key mission of the markets, so cash, credit, SNAP, and WIC are all accepted.

For more information about RiseBoro Farmers Markets and if you’re a vendor email [email protected], or call (718) 416-4561.

For more information about RiseBoro’s work in Bushwick, see their website.

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Cover photo courtesy of Annie Spratt