Tis the time of the year again when football lovers will be ballin’ (inevitably some of them) and the party lovers will be rollin’. In any case, we all shall get together in the style of Bushwick and celebrate like it’s not Monday the next day. 

This is a sponsored article, meaning that the curated selection of the best of Bushwick establishments were offered to participate for a fee. The NFL copyrighted the correct spelling of ‘Super Ball,’ and we’re only using it here if it’s the name of a party held by a participating establishment. The order of listing doesn’t reflect our curatorial preference.

Superbowl LI at Syndicated

Start: 3 p.m.

Address: 40 Bogart St., East Williamsburg

Admission: $15 (tickets)

If you like to watch your BIG game on a BIG screen, then Syndicated is the place to go. In addition to the game, this lovely cinema-cum-restaurant will be hosting a prediction contest with prizes and serving specials such as hot wings, BBQ pork ribs, and specialty cocktails for each team.

House Of Yes Totally Immersive Super Bowl Throw Down

Start: 6 p.m.

Address: 2 Wyckoff Ave., Bushwick

Admission: $15 ($50 for Super Touchdown Table Packages) (tickets)

We wouldn’t expect anything less from House of Yes than a massively immersive event for the occasion. Naturally, they’ll be projecting the game on a large screen, but it isn’t until the half-time show that they’ll go all the way out with improvised and impersonated “absolute perfection.” PS: Cheerleader costumes encouraged. 


50c Cage Free Wings & $15 for 5 Budweiser Bottles at Dromedary

START: 6 p.m.

Address: 266 Irving Ave., Bushwick

Admission: FREE

If you like to keep it simple, just roll out of bed and head to Dromedary Bar at 1 p.m. because your fave tiki bar is already starting to serve 50-cent wings; drink specials such as 5 for $15 Bud bottle buckets, or five for $13 Miller High Life, and will continue to do so till you drop. The game will be projected on a big screen. 

Pizza Party

KCBC Super Bowl Party

Start: 5 p.m.

Address: 381 Troutman St., Bushwick

Admission: FREE

Bushwick’s beloved brewery and tap room, KCBC, will be projecting the game on a 125″ screen. They will have raffles throughout the game, amazing food for sale from Gaddy Lane and KCBC beer brewed right in our beloved neighborhood. Some of the food offerings will include: Urban Cowboy Sandwich (slow-roasted pork, Vietnamese dressing, pickled kohlrabi, freson chille, herbs, fried shallot; Wild Child Sandwich (Chimichurri steak, watermelon radish, charred onion, garlic mayo, hot sauce); or Nachos (lemongrass seared pork, sriracha cheese sauce, pico de gallo, pickled jalapeno, lime crema)

Huckleberry Bar

Super Bowl at Lantern Hall

Start:6 p.m.

Address: 52 Harrison Pl., East Williamsburg

Admission: FREE

Your fave beer hall is always a safe bet. On Sunday they’ll be projecting the game on a big screen and serving y’all 50-cent wings and $15 pitchers!

Cobra Club

Superbowless Sunday at Dish

Address: 57-42 Myrtle Ave., Ridgewood

Admission: FREE

If you HATE football, but LOVE food, and you want to pursue your passion on Sunday, make sure you head to Dish, an awesome Ridgewood casual restaurant famous for its burgers and BBQ. You will fall in love with their menu and affordable prices. In addition, they’ll have $15 buckets of beer!

Divine Bar

Super Bowl 51 at Central Station 

Start: 6:30 p.m.

Address: 84 Central Ave., Bushwick

Admission: FREE

Alert! Neighborhood fave Central Station has prepared some serious football bacchanalia for this Sunday. For $40 they will simply let you drink as much Radeberger beer as you can, and eat as many of their excellent wings as you can fit. Good luck, friends!

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 Super Bowl at Bizarre Bushwick 

Start: 6 p.m.

Address: 12 Jefferson St., Bushwick

Admission: FREE

Bushwick’s Bizarre with its cabinet of curiosities will not disappoint this Sunday. They will project the game on a big screen, and will make sure you don’t go hungry or thirsty. Happy hour will last until the end of the game and will entail the following: $3 Bizarre Pint Beer; $3 Tecate; $4 Well Drinks. They will also have a food special to be announced later. Score!


Super Bowl at Pizza Party 

Start: 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Address: 254 Irving Ave., Bushwick

Admission: FREE

Bushwick’s Pizza Party will be hosting their third year of wild football watching parties, and they promise that this is the place to be in Bushwick. They will have drink and food specials, including 50-cent wings. They encourage you to come get geared up to watch the ATL Falcons take on the NE Patriots, and to bring your best “shoutout shit talking comments” during the commercials too. We can get behind that too. 


Super Bowl Sunday at Huckleberry Bar

Start: 6:30 p.m.

Address: 588 Grand St., East Williamsburg

Admission: FREE

Huckleberry Bar lures in everyone who wishes to avoid the crazy headache of a wild sports bars, and sip on a nice cocktail instead. They will be screening the game on the big screen and serving up brats, hot dogs and homemade chili nachos with cheese on every chip! If you can’t live without a bucket of beers, they’ll have Peroni beer bucket specials.

Lantern Hall

Super Bowl 51 at Cobra Club

Start:6 p.m.

Address: 6 Wyckoff Ave., Bushwick

Admission: FREE

Sometimes all you need with your football is free pizza and cheap beer, and that’s exactly what Cobra Club will be all about this Sunday. With every alcohol purchase (and until the supplies last) you shall receive free pizza! During game time you can enjoy $2 Coney Island Pilsner. And no, it’s not double vision, they truly have two screens for you to watch the game!


Super Bowl at Divine Bar

Start: 6 p.m.

Address: 896 Broadway, Bushwick

Admission: FREE

Sometimes all you need is a sports bar atmosphere and a friendly vibe. Divine Bar has it all and then some—an outdoor projector (weather permitting) and a ton of great food and drink specials including $9 for a dozen wings; $2 Bud Light pints; or $3 Yuengling Pints.

Central Station