SPONSORED- The sharing economy is everywhere, and it’s making life easier for smart, city-dwellers. No car? Zipcar, Uber and Lyft are just a few of your options when you only need a ride. Your landlord won’t let you keep a bike in the hallway? Use Citi Bike instead. No room for a garden? A CSA box from your local farm stand keeps you eating well all year long.

New Yorkers can add one more entry to the sharing economy column on their score sheets– Furnishare. This clever new concept is changing the way we think about furniture. Here’s how:

Furniture is a major investment: It’s so expensive that you’re stuck with it until it wears out. Tired of the color or style? Too bad — you paid so much that you’re living with it for the next decade. And now that you own it, you need to lug it with you everywhere you go, making moving even more expensive: Hiring a truck and getting people to do the heavy lifting isn’t cheap.

Fast forward to today. Furnishare’s model gives users total freedom. You can choose pieces you like and have them delivered right to your door for a low subscription fee. Keep furniture for three, six, or twelve months; then renew month-to-month or swap them out for something fresh. Time the subscription to expire with your lease, and you’ll never have to worry about getting a moving van to haul your furniture to a new apartment again — just choose new items and have Furnishare bring them to your next apartment.

And if you want to get rid of your old furniture without the hassle of dealing with Craigslist, you can also sign up to be a furniture provider. They’ll pick up your items, and you get paid when someone chooses to use them. It’s the convenient new way of dealing with furniture in New York City.