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My buddy Ryan showed me a middle finger as I ran into him last night at Green Fitness Studio. “Thanks for getting me into this,” he laughed as he was wiping off the sweat from his forehead. He seemed pretty damn destroyed if you ask me. But you know what else? He was happy and definitely hotter! Over a dozen Bushwickians have been taking fitness classes with “Fitness Wizard”, John O’Mahoney, three times a week, and have been eating according to a nutrition plan by “Maverick Health Coach”, Lucy Chen.

John and Lucy are preparing the next round of Liberation, the most popular fitness program in Bushwick, beginning June 9. If you’re new to all this and you can’t even imagine how these guys work, I totally recommend you read my in-depth article about the program (I did it, and I’m now doing advanced classes) and more importantly, take one of the FREE promo classes!  John will train you for 30 minutes, introduce you to kettlebells and the technique, and Lucy will explain you the nutrition. No commitment is involved but if you decide to sign up for the 7-week program, you will get $100 off . How awesome is that!

These are the dates for the upcoming promo classes:

Saturday May 10th at 1pm

Monday May 12th at 7am

Tuesday May13th at 10:30am

Wednesday May 14th at 7pm

You can sign up for a class HERE. See you in the gym!

You’ll be doing kettlebell push presses, too, when you sign up for Liberation!