Get a Wake Up Call at Miles Bar!

If you’re tired of all the standard brunch places within walking distance of your Bushwick apartment, or you just want to try something new, come to Miles for a Wake-Up Call! This day-drinker-centric brunch includes a menu complete with Bloody Marys, delicious cocktails/hangover cures, and happy hour until 8pm. But never fear, there are also savory hand-pies and quiches made by Pie Corps to pad your stomach and satisfy your tastebuds. To make the experience complete, there are Saturday morning cartoons such as She-Ra Princess of Power and Chuck Norris: Karate Commandos, followed by Soul Train of the 70’s variety.

The brunch just started about a month ago, “We always really wanted to do something in the daytime, something to feature a completely new daytime cocktail menu and hangover cures. We also needed a food component,” says Danny, co-owner of Miles. They joined forces with Pie Corps, who are located in Greenpoint and make their pies, “handmade, fresh, organic and full of love,” Danny mentions. The pies ($6) and quiches ($7) are a fantastic and affordable way to eat a quick, yet completely substantial brunch– you could even have one of each!  Danny comments, “It’s more of a drinker’s brunch than anything else.”

Bushwick Daily photographer, Gustavo Ponce, tried the brisket pie and the vegetarian curried potato pie [featured above and below].

Also tasted were the rosemary and cheese quiche and the steak pie. All food ingested was well seasoned, delicious and fluffy. The rosemary quiche was supremely cheesy, and the brisket, unfortunately a limited edition as it is more of a winter pie, is tender, juicy and scrumptious. Justine, the Lady of the Brunch, whom you will typically see behind the bar during brunch hours, says her favorites are the ham and cheddar quiche and the brisket hand pie. Danny’s favorite is the curry potato pie, “It doesn’t get as much love because it’s vegetarian, but it’s like a samosa.”

Another brilliant fact about the Wake-Up Call is the array of creative Bloody Marys and Hangover Cures (That actually work!). Their Bloody Mary mix is a house recipe, a unique mix with fresh celery juice. The folks at Miles love to play around with flavors such as adding Sriracha and making sure they are consistent with the spices. Their Bloody Maria (Cinco De Cuatro on the menu) uses chipotle-infused tequila with mescal, giving it a very smoky taste. The Swanson uses a coffee-infused bourbon and has a bacon-salt rim.

Mr. Miyagi, featured below, is their Asian-influenced Bloody Mary with saffron, wasabi, and is described by Danny as “somewhat of a sushi-inspired beverage.”

Their hangover cures are all drinks they are very proud of including the Picocita, which they recommend as a Latin American hangover cure, both spicy and refreshing. Cafeteria La Mejor (@ Suydam and Wilson) contributes a Stumptown coffee syrup that they use in their Iced Cruzan Coffee, which Danny describes as, “A tall boozy ice coffee.” Try the Mileschelada, which is a chipotle-infused tequila and beer, or the Shandy Radler, a beer that is a mix of, well, a Shandy and a Radler.

The Big Spritz; Miles’ take on a spritzer.

Most of the drinks on the menu are not featured on their week-day cocktail menu, and the cartoons are definitely something that can only be caught on a Saturday and Sunday starting at 12PM. Miles Bar loves collaborating with local businesses, and they also love providing tasty boozes to the masses. Having attended two Wake-Up Calls so far, I see no point in stopping now. Pies, booze and cartoons are the luxuries that weekends were made for, and once it’s no longer brunch time you can just watch Soul Train. Check it out this weekend!

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