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Oh yeah, yesterday’s riddle was quite tricky and not everybody got it right but if you answered “Morgan” to Super Mario’s question: “Where does Super Bushwick World begin?” you had a chance to win a beautiful art print of “Super Bushwick World.” Our winner Christopher Vela surely is happy right now!

If you didn’t win but still long for your own map of Bushwick as a beloved 90s video game, Hipster Super Mario has another riddle for you today….Are you ready? Here it is:

In Super Bushwick World every PBR can you collect gives you an extra live. How many extra lives are there on the map?

‘Super Bushwick World’ by Art by Ken, 2013 (click to enlarge)

Again, the answer is on the Super Bushwick World map, so don’t go counting PBR cans on your block, you’d be counting forever… If you know your answer, enter it here, and wait to see if you win. The winner as well as a new riddle will be announced tomorrow morning, here on Bushwick Daily!

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The winners will be able to pick up their prints on Friday, August 2, 2013 from 8 to 10PM at Mama Joy’s. Art by Ken himself will be chilling under his painting at the bar giving out high fives and prints to the lucky winners.

If you can’t wait to see if you’ll win because you need to own Super Bushwick World RIGHT NOW (and we don’t blame you for that), the prints are available in two sizes and can be purchased through his website. A 12” x 12” print is only $30, and an 18” x 18” print costs $60, also a spanking good deal.

For those who prefer to bring “Super Bushwick World” with them wherever they go (yes, even to Manhattan), they can pre-order one of the 25 LIMITED EDITION iPhone cases!  The cases can be ordered for all recent model of the iPhone, and will ship on September 1, 2013.

Oh, and if you’d prefer to drape your body in the awesomeness of “Super Bushwick World”, a vintage style baseball tee is now also available for pre-order! Shirts are available in unisex styles and feature an all over print design with colorblock sleeves and the Super Bushwick World logo on the chest.

Good luck!