Room with a view

You’re alone in the city because your friends left for summer vacation; you are beaten up by the insane heat that went down those past few weeks and you cannot even look forward the Bushwick Block Party (it was last weekend, if you were asleep…)… Lighten up! We have a cool getaway for you, and you will only need a MetroCard.

Check out Bivouac NY, which is offering a new session in August for those of you who like camping but are not the outdoorsy types —at least not too much…

What is it? It is a performance brought to you by Thomas Stevenson, an artist from Williamsburg, who is setting up tents on NY rooftops.

What is going to happen to you? You’ll just have loads of fun, meet really interesting people, and see the city of NY in a whole different way.

How do we know this? In June, Essie Graham and yours truly geared up for a night and experienced it. So trust us, and register!