By Maria Gotay

Tuesday night Cafe Ghia hosted a one-night-only crab boil FEAST at its homey location at the corner of Irving and Jefferson. One of the area’s best restaurants, Ghia pulled out all the stops to bring a little Maryland to Brooklyn.

The restaurant offered two seatings, at 7:30 and 9:30, which near-completely sold out. Each attendee was preparted with specific instructions about how exactly to crack our Maryland blue crabs, a set of tools, a delicious butter-aioli dipping sauce, and classic crab bibs.

The $30-per-person bill allowed for 6 crabs each, but it really ended up as a mouthwatering all-you-can-eat affair. Not to mention unlimited sides of corn on the cob, watermelon, and potato wedges. There was an actual crab expert on site to explain to us clueless city folk how to eat seafood properly.

It was a truly excellent experience! I personally ate so many crabs I perfected the craft and now consider myself an expert. Very stoked, below.

The waitresses said that the feast was both very fun and successful and Ghia plans to have at least two boils next year, at the beginning and end of summer.  I personally CAN’T WAIT! Thanks, Ghia!