Brokelyn will never stop to amuse us. Read this “leaked” employee hand book of planned Williamsburg J.Crew branch: [Brokelyn]

For $1 million you can now own the apartment in Clinton Hill where Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorp used to live. They used to pay $80/month. [Brooklyn Magazine]

My favorite color is pizza, says a webcat. [Greenpointers]

Solo show of Cassius Fouler at Weldon Arts in Bushwick [Vandalog]

Just because it’s Friday -> A man who turned down sex with Marilyn Monroe (because he was scared) [Bullet]

Hotel Wythe on NY Times -> A cab from Manhattan is $20-25 but it’s worth it’s the next thing. Don’t worry you can even wear your douchy outfit there! [NY Times]

…and the response by Zach Staggers, drummer from So So Glos over at Gothamist [Gothamist]