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Big things are happening, Bushwick bread lovers. Beloved bakery, and curator of all things French and carby, L’imprimerie, is cooking up some fun new stuff for us this summer. 

A few weeks ago, L’imprimerie landed a beer and wine license, and is blessing all those who stop by the neighborhood stalwart with happy hour provisions. 

However, beer and wine are not the only new feature L’impremerie is cooking up; according to Monsieur Gus, the bakery’s owner and head baker, L’imprimerie will be offering a pizza menu special on Sunday nights, starting over the next few weeks. 

Well, someone has to do the tasting, right? #limprimerie #bushwick #brooklyn #nyc #bakery #artisan #artisanboulanger #monsieurgus #pizza

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Pizza preview courtesy of L’impremerie’s Instagram page

Additionally, L’imprimerie is in talks to host a Little Mo pop-up shop this summer as well. L’imprimerie is proving that it’s much more than just a bakery; it’s becoming a Myrtle Avenue mainstay.

Stop by L’imprimerie—not only for the bread, pastries, and the espresso— but now also for the booze, pizza, pop-ups and the awesome semi-secret patio. We’re sure it’s going to be a hit local destination for the summer season!

[For the record, we know L’imprimerie’s patio has been open since last April, we’re just really excited it’s opening again for the summer.]



Bakery, coffeeshop, and new happy hour destination with delicious pastries and local treats.

 1524 Myrtle Ave. (Myrtle Wyckoff L/M)


 Mon-Sun: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

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Featured image by Jacque Medina for Bushwick Daily.