Tucked away in a particularly industrial street of East Williamsburg lies Twin Marquis Incorporated, a manufacturing facility for noodles and dumplings. Their products are widespread and sold through many different local establishments, so chances are Bushwick locals have tasted their delicious fare without even realizing it was produced right in our very own neighborhood.

Twin Marquis was founded in Chinatown in 1989 and has since expanded to a few locations throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. The production facility is located at 7 Bushwick Place on the site of a former brewery from back during Brooklyn’s beer production heyday.

This 100,000 square foot warehouse is so efficient it can churn out 44,000 dumplings per hour and produces enough noodles a year to wrap the earth 50 times over.

Image courtesy of Alex Solmssen

Twin Marquis sells thousands of restaurants, supermarkets, and gourmet brands across the country, as well as producing an in house brand called Chef One.

They have been relatively under the radar at their Bushwick Place location: Twin Marquis employee Michelle Lane joined the company this summer and tells Bushwick Daily that she was “amazed by this place and thought it was a shame no one in the neighborhood knew it was there.”

A recent project at the factory is raising its profile locally: now pedestrians walking past it are treated to a beautiful, brand new mural on the exterior, a proud symbol of the work done there.

Additionally, thanks to Twin Marquis, you can celebrate your love for dumplings on September 26th, which the company recently declared National Dumpling Day. In that same week, the company will host its annual Dumpling Festival at the Lower East Side’s Sarah D Roosevelt Park.

While you cannot pick up your noodles and dumplings directly from the factory, you can find their Chef One retail products in stores all over Brooklyn and happily know our lovely neighborhood is home to one of the biggest producers in the business.


Twin Marquis Inc.

Noodle & dumpling factory

 7 Bushwick Place between Montrose Ave and Meserole St


Featured Image: Courtesy of Alex Solmssen.