A new craft brewery aims to join the wave of beer makers bringing their industry back to Bushwick, and the owners are giving the public the opportunity to invest in, and partially own, their future brick and mortar location.

As recently discussed on Bushwick Daily, Brooklyn, especially our neighborhood, was America’s brewing capital at the turn of the century. Then, due to a hops blight and Prohibition, local breweries closed down one by one until only a few remained.

Radiant Pig, the creation of Rob Pihl and his business and life partner Laurisa Milici, was founded in 2012. Pihl and Milici are home-brewers, or “gypsy brewers,” as aficionados call it, brewing small batches in various locations since the start. They offer three beers at the moment, which they sell in kegs to beer-centric bars in Manhattan as well Bushwick beer haven The Sampler.

Opening a brewery and tap room in Brooklyn has always been a dream of theirs, but as their company grows and demand for their beer increases, it has also become a necessity.

Official Radiant Pig brew dog, Ralph!

Opening a brewery is a capital-heavy endeavor, and so the duo is hoping to take advantage of recently passed equity crowdfunding laws to realize their plan, seeking like-minded people who share a passion for beer to share their business with them.

If partially owning a brewery sounds like a dream come true, check out company’s website and take a look at their financials and business plan.

They are hoping to be up and running by Spring 2017!


Radiant Pig

Brewery and Tap Room coming soon to Bushwick


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